Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1631

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Chapter 1631

One hour later, Lin Fan finally walked out of the room. At this time, he was covered in blood, like a bloody demon general.

At the same time, there was a grim smile at the corner of his mouth:

“Lin Family, your nightmare has begun!”

And Lin Zhanao also returned to the Lin family, and said everything that happened in Jiangshi!

“This is your idea? What is the result? Our Lin family has lost three great masters for no reason, and there are not so many masters!”

Lin Hongtu roared furiously, staring at Lin Zhaohe and the others.

Hear the words!

The faces of the Lin family, who were led by Lin Zhaohe and Lin Jiang, suddenly became extremely ugly.

Lin Zhaohe stepped forward and asked Lin Zhanao:

“Lin Zhanao, are you sure you relayed it to him as we said and didn’t do anything else?”
“Of course not, I did everything as you said! And I also said that we are just taking a stake in the New Bai Family. He is still the actual power holder of the New Bai Family. He still refuses to agree!”
“He even said that he wants to kill everyone in our Bai family, and no one will let it go! That beast is already crazy, if he didn’t want me to come back and bring you a letter, he wouldn’t even let me go. Over!”


Lin Zhan’ao’s words immediately caused a violent commotion in the entire Bai family, which made their expressions ugly to the extreme.

“A beast! Even his own father will not be spared, he is simply a beast!”

“Our Lin family gave him a chance, but he still wants to smash with us. It’s really stubborn, does he think we are afraid of him?”

At the moment, the crowd is angry!

They all know that now they are the only ones who have clashed with Lin Fan!

The loss of the three great masters was also a devastating blow to the Lin family.


They wanted to reconcile with Lin Fan, but Lin Fan was shameless!

They just killed their people without even giving the slightest room for negotiation!

Seeing that everyone in the Lin family was completely furious, Lin Zhanao smiled sinisterly, and then continued to add fuel and jealousy:

“He didn’t plan to negotiate with us at all, he already said, no Kill the last one of our Lin family and swear not to give up. All the men will be killed and all the women will be enslaved!”


When the Lin family heard this, they were even more annoyed!

“There is nothing to say, brother, we know it was wrong, and everything depends on your plan!” Lin Jiangxing said with a gloomy expression.

“It’s still the eldest brother, you know that little beast, and then you will do what you said, and go to full-scale war with him. If you don’t break his body, you will never give up!”

Lin Hongtu, who had regained his power, immediately sneered:

“As far as you are naive, and thought you can reach a settlement with him, I have long seen that the wild species is a cold-blooded animal!”
“Only one of him and the Lin family can live! If he doesn’t die, we will have to die!”

In one sentence!

It is to completely detonate the audience!

At this moment, all the Lin family members seemed to have been aroused fierceness, and they looked terrifying and furious!

“Kill Lin Fan! Kill Lin Fan at all costs!”

They roared and murdered!

And seeing this, Lin Hongtu waved his hand with satisfaction, saying:

“From today, the Lin Family and Lin Fan will officially start the war!”

And now!

Bai Yi was also officially discharged. After Lin Fan’s treatment, her health was much better.

But even so, Lin Fan still prepared a wheelchair for her and pushed her away.

“Are you too exaggerated?”

Bai Yi said bitterly, she is now fully capable of walking on her own, but Lin Fan made her seem to be terminally ill. Similar.
“You should be careful when you have recovered from this serious illness. After all, you are pregnant with a dragon breed!” Lin Fan said jokingly.

Bai Yi suddenly gave him an angry look:

“You are so poor, what kind of dragon, you seem to say that you are amazing.”
But Lin Fan just smiled without explaining.

Gently pushed the wheelchair and tightened Bai Yi’s clothes, then pushed her out of the door.

At this time, Bai Yi is also happy!

Everyone once looked down upon her for marrying a trash, but now everyone should envy her, right?

The more she comes into contact with Lin Fan, the more she feels that her husband is extraordinary!

And now!

Lin Fan’s phone rang.

The words on the other end are very simple:

“Wang, the Lin family has done it!”

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