Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1632

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Chapter 1632

“Okay, I see.”

Lin Fan looked as usual, smiled and nodded, and hung up.

Sure enough, as he expected, after he killed three great masters and a group of great masters, Lin Hongtu started to explode. Now I am afraid that he wants to get rid of him at all costs, right?

Seeing this, Bai Yi also said very thoughtfully:

“If you have something to deal with, go quickly! I have my parents to take care of it, it’s okay!”
After hearing this, Lin Fan smiled softly:

“Okay, then after you go back for a while, don’t work anymore. Now you are pregnant, you can no longer look like a workaholic. It’s the same.”

“I see, long-winded!”

Bai Yi said grotesquely, glancing at Lin Fan.

“Then I’m leaving.”

Lin Fan smiled, and then turned to leave, but at the moment he turned, a thick murderous intent appeared in his eyes!

And now!

In Long Jiu’s residence, an unexpected guest came!

The Lin Family, Lin Jiangchao!

Lin Jiangxing’s biological son!

Long Jiu saw Lin Jiangchao and knew that this person was bad.

“Long Lao, you seem to have some trouble in Jiangnan, right?”

Long Jiuyi couldn’t figure out what the other party was coming from, so he could only smile and said: “It’s been thirty years, right?”

“It’s too awkward to stay in the small Jiangnan with your abilities of the dragon!” Lin Jiangchao flattered and said, while staring at Long Jiu with scorching eyes.

“In my opinion, with your elder’s ability, you can completely squeeze into the power center of the capital city!”
Long Jiu was suddenly taken aback, and quickly understood. This is the beginning of the subject.

Soon, he laughed loudly:

“Lin Shao laughed, I am so old, what do I still pursue fame and fortune? I just want to live safely, my children and grandchildren are full.”

These words immediately made Lin Jiangchao frown and his expression It’s already a bit gloomy.

Is this old thing rejecting him in disguise?

At the moment, his smile has gradually become a bit hideous and exaggerated, his eyes sharply said:
“Long Lao didn’t think about himself, wouldn’t he want to win a future for his children and grandchildren?”

Long Jiu smiled and said:

“Lin Shao thought what to say, but it’s okay to say it!”

Both sides no longer want to explore anymore, and both want to know what the other side really thinks.

Lin Jiangchao smiled arrogantly and said:

“My Lin family contributes to let you enter Beijing, and at the same time make your Long family a famous family!”

“From now on, your dragon family will be close to the center of power and become a vassal of our Lin family, sharing the glory and wealth with us. As long as our Lin family does not fall in one day, your dragon family will prosper!”

“What about the conditions?”

Long Jiu asked with a smile. He knew that there was no free lunch in this world. The reason why the other party would do this must be because of conditions.

Lin Jiangchao tapped his finger on the tabletop, leaned forward, and said with a fierce expression:

“I want Lin Fan’s family to die!”

Sure enough!

Long Jiu sneered in his heart. Since Lin Jiangchao appeared, he had already suspected that his purpose of this trip was related to Lin Fan.

If he changed his previous words, he might really accept the Lin family’s solicitation.

But now…

That is the forest seat!

It is the king of the blood prison!

For the Lin family to sell the forest seat, then aren’t you riding a horse to find a donkey?

One more thing, during this period of time, the Lin Family and Lin Fan have been defeated one after another. It can be said that there is no way to resist.

At this time, as long as you are not mentally ill, you know what choice to make.

So Long Jiu immediately wanted to refuse, but he was just about to speak, but his mind seemed to be electrocuted, and a trace of vigilance flashed!

At the same time, he raised his head and his eyes fell on an old man behind Lin Jiangchao!

The old man closed his eyes tightly and stood behind Lin Jiangchao, as if he was closing his eyes and resting, but the battle-tested Long Jiu still felt a strong murderous intent from him.

As long as he refuses, he will soon become the opponent’s dead soul, right?

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