Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1633

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Chapter 1633

Even more, not only him, but even his family members can hardly escape death!

The other party clearly came here to force the palace!

Surrender or die, this is the choice Lin Jiangchao gave him!

“Long Lao, how are you thinking about it?”

Lin Jiangchao looked at Long Jiu with a smile, and then there was a fierce flash in his eyes.

As long as Long Jiu dares to refuse, Lin Jiangchao will instantly give an order to let the great master behind him kill the Long Jiu family.
At this time, the Lin Family and Lin Fan have already started a full-scale war. The Lin Family will not hesitate to die at all consequences, regardless of all costs!

Therefore, people like Long Jiu must also make a choice, either to bury Lin Fan or loyal to their Lin family.

Looking at the little grandson who was kneeling on the ground playing not far away, Long Jiu hesitated, frowning tightly together.

At the moment, there is no way to refuse!

So Long Jiu pretended to be tempted:

“How do I know that your Lin family will definitely win, but you have been losing streak during this period of time, in case you lose I gave it to that guy, isn’t my Long Family going to be buried with you?”

Upon hearing this, Lin Jiangchao didn’t suspect him, and thought Long Jiu was really tempted!

At the moment, Lin Jiangchao promised:

“The reason why our Lin family failed steadily before was because the Patriarch did not take him seriously!”
“But now it’s different. The Patriarch has decided to deal with him personally. For this reason, he has mobilized all the power of the Lin family in China. This time he will besiege Lin Fan anyway!”

“Elder Long, do you think it is a great master who can withstand the crazy revenge of my Lin family?”

Lin Jiangchao looked extremely confident, as if Lin Fan was in his eyes. It’s a dead man.

Hearing this, Long Jiu pretended to be difficult to make up his mind. After a long time, he finally gritted his teeth:

“I will accompany Lin Shao. I made a bet, but I still have one condition!”

Lin Jiangchao raised his brows, and he didn’t seem to have thought that he would convince Long Jiu so quickly. This was simply unexpected.
If the Lin family knows that he has accomplished the task brilliantly, it is definitely a great achievement, and it is not impossible to compete for the position of Patriarch in the future.

After all, Lin Hongtu’s three direct grandchildren are dead, but his sons are all a bunch of wine and rice bags, it is difficult to convince the crowd.

As for the conditions that Long Jiu put forward, he didn’t care at all, let alone one condition, he still met ten conditions.

Even at this time, in his opinion, if Long Jiu didn’t mention any conditions, it would be a ghost.

The old fox, Long Jiu, obviously knew this, so he said with a smile:

“I want my whole family to be officials, and all of them cannot be below the head of the game! “


Lin Jiangchao hesitated for a moment, and then he nodded:

“Yes, I promise you!”

As long as Long Jiu help kill Lin Fan One family, that is the grasshopper on the rope with them.

Even if he turns back then, what can Long Jiu do to him?

The whole family is official, and the lowest is the head of the game. This old thing really dares to speak loudly!

How much resources did the Lin family spend?

Thinking of this, Lin Jiangchao suddenly sneered, a hint of sinister flashing in his eyes, at this time he had already planned to play Long Jiu as a monkey!


He didn’t know that Long Jiu was playing him like a monkey too!

The two laughed treacherously.

And Hou Longjiu was kindly invited and wanted to invite Lin Jiangchao to eat out. In fact, he wanted to draw Lin Jiangchao out of here and save his family’s lives.

But Lin Jiangchao has been dazzled by joy and didn’t think so much at all.


Just after Long Jiu greeted Lin Jiangchao and the others, he found an excuse to leave the door and directly called Lin Fan to inform him.


He underestimated the great master’s ability!

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