Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1634

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Chapter 1634

Don’t say it is a door, as long as the great master thinks, all the sounds of this whole building can be heard clearly!

That’s why after hearing Long Jiu’s report, the old man suddenly showed his fierce appearance, suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were fierce, as if he was about to eat people!

In a short time, the temperature of the audience dropped to freezing point!

Everyone shuddered, looking at this old man in horror!

And Lin Jiangchao was also puzzled, and asked inexplicably:

“Old man Ouyang, what’s the matter with you?”

At the moment, Ouyang Hua It was a gloomy expression:

“Long Jiu betrayed us. He was calling the little beast of Lin Fan just now!”


Lin Jiangchao’s expression changed wildly, and a frost suddenly appeared in his eyes!

In the next instant, he stared at Long Qianxi in the field, as if he wished to smash Dragon Millennium into pieces.
And seeing this, Long Qianxi knew that he couldn’t hide it, and suddenly shouted:

“Stop them!”


In an instant, all the dragon family members rushed out together and forced to kill Lin Jiangchao and Ouyang Hua, intending to attack first!

They all know that the great master Ouyang Hua is strong, and if they don’t get the first shot, they won’t even have the right to fight back.

At the moment, Lin Jiangchao’s face was completely gloomy, and he roared angrily:

“Little dragons, dare to insult me, I want your whole family to die!”
“Ouyang Hua, kill them all!”

Hear the words!

Ouyang Hua suddenly smiled, and then the tiger rushed out, two thin hands stretched out directly from the sleeves, and immediately clasped the arm of one of the masters.

Hiss! Following

, Long Qianxi saw an extremely horrifying scene, and Ouyang Hua actually tore a master into two alive.

It looks like a piece of waste paper!

Everyone present scalp numb!

This is too bloody!

All the dragon family members are almost shocked when they see this place. Grandmaster and Grandmaster are missing a word, but they are far from each other.

They couldn’t even stop Ouyang Hua’s move, so what else did they use to stop him?

“Don’t panic, when Master Lin arrives, kill him like a dog!”

A grandmaster yelled, and these words immediately boosted the morale of the audience. Everyone knew that Grandmaster Lin was powerful and could be described as extremely powerful!

Some time ago, three great masters were killed!

According to Black and White Shuangsha, they didn’t make any moves, it was all that Master Lin did!

One person, killing three masters, how terrifying is such a strength?

What is even more exaggerated is that he is only in his twenties!

This kind of domineering existence, even if Ouyang Hua meets, there is only one dead end. They only need to survive until Master Lin arrives, then both Lin Jiangchao and Ouyang Hua are bound to die!

Hear the words!

Ouyang Hua’s face suddenly sank, he also knew the terrible Lin Fan, knew that this place shouldn’t stay for a long time, he must fight quickly.

And at this time, Long Jiu walked in and was stunned when he saw the scene of rattling swords:

“Lin Shao, why are you guys?”
The moment Lin Jiangchao saw Long Jiu, the hatred in Lin Jiangchao’s eyes was that he couldn’t hold back anymore, and roared:

“Old stuff, what a special acting, you dare to betray me? Me? The Lin family must want you to die!”

Immediately after, Lin Jiangchao ordered Ouyang Hua:

“Ouyang Hua, grab Dragon Jiu and Dragon Millennium, we are now just withdraw! I’ll find a place where no one is there, and torture them well!”

Ouyang Hua nodded and shot directly. The place he passed was like no one, no one could possibly stop.

Extremely domineering!

The people of the Long Family suffered heavy casualties in an instant, and a whole piece of it fell down!

Ouyang Hua grabbed Long Jiu and Long Qianxi directly and burst out, swiftly fleeing outside the hotel.

Then, he got directly into a van!

About half an hour later, in an abandoned factory, Ouyang Hua directly threw Long Jiu and Long Qianxi on the ground.

“Long Jiu, I thought you were a smart person, but I didn’t expect you to be an idiot with a brain?”

“You actually chose to stand with Lin Fan? You I really think that just relying on that waste can stop my Lin family?”

Lin Jiangchao looked at Long Jiu with a grim face, as if he wanted to eat people.

Long Jiu, dare to pose with him?

If he hadn’t found out in advance, he would have been killed by Long Jiu now.

And at this time, Long Jiu smiled and said:

“But in case, the waste in your mouth… is it Lin Zuo?”

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