Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1629

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Chapter 1629


Kou Jianghuai and others were also at this time, Qi Qi pointed his guns at Jin Chengen and Lin Zhanao and others, with murderous intent on their faces.

So much momentum!
At this time, Lin Zhan’ao was in a trance. The killing intent rippling from Lin Fan’s body made him extremely disturbed, which made him feel very unbelievable.

What has happened to Lin Fan over the years to achieve such an enchanting evildoer?

Back then, the Lin family swept Lin Fan out, but now he has shown the appearance of an emperor. For the Lin family, such an existence is simply a nightmare!

And this time!

A hand was placed on Lin Zhan’ao’s shoulder, and an old voice said:

“Lord, let’s go! Today, we lost!”
The person who spoke was a highly respected master of the Lin family, and at this time there was a touch of helplessness on his face.

Because he has already noticed that this young man in front of him is not something they can deal with!

“I don’t believe it! Isn’t that the great master? We also have three great masters here. There are strong soldiers and strong horses, and there are so many powerful people. We need to be afraid of him as a waste?”

Lin Zhanao Unconvinced, how could he admit defeat at this time?

Surrendering, doesn’t it mean that you have to go back to Lin’s house in a desperate manner?

If he let the Lin family know, not only did he not let Lin Fan return? The Lin Family even further angered him, so the Lin Family still had to strip him alive?


The old man sighed and pointed in one direction:

“We have three people, but they also have three of them!”

Lin Zhanao looked in astonishment. After passing by, he saw two ghostly images hanging from the window, staring at them with a smile of righteousness and evil.

Black and white double evil!

He heard that the black and white Shuangsha betrayed the Lin family and turned to Lin Fan. He didn’t expect it to be true!

Lin Zhanao’s face suddenly became extremely ugly!

And the group of great masters behind him had already noticed this. Although the black and white Shuangsha broke one arm, it still should not be underestimated.

Moreover, Lin Fan is not a fuel-efficient lamp!

In the murderous aura that broke out from him, they had already understood that no one of them could take Lin Fan.

This guy is a veritable genius of geniuses!

Lin Zhanao was so bitter that his teeth were crushed. He had never been so embarrassed before, and it was the wild species he gave birth to that made him lose face!

Hesitated for a moment!

After all, Lin Zhanao walked away from Jin Chengen with a gloomy face.

See here!

Jin Chengen is completely desperate, is Lin Zhanao going to give up his rhythm?

What’s the special situation!

Immediately, Jin Chengen went crazy, hysterically shouting at Lin Zhanao:

“Lin, you…what do you mean? There are three beside you. Grand Master, do you need to be afraid of him as a waste?”

Hear the words!

Lin Zhanao’s expression suddenly became very embarrassed, and said embarrassingly:

“Sorry Xiaojin, Lin Fan is also a great master, and there are two great masters beside him. , We really want to fight, we too…”
“Don’t worry, your family and our Lin family will take care of you, and we will do your funeral decently!”


Jin Chengen split directly, Lin Fan is the great master?

Is he not only Lin’s genius doctor, but also a great master?

As a result, because Lin Zhanao was afraid of Lin Fan, he decided to abandon him?

“Lin Zhanao, I fucking your uncle!”

Jin Chengen screamed frantically, his eyes covered with bloodshot eyes, and he stared at Lin Zhanao with extreme resentment.

“I offended Lin Fan because of you. Now you are sorry to let me go and die?”

“You are immortal! Why do you treat me as such?”

“Monkey play, there is no such thing as a big-tailed wolf? You said that you would save me anyway. In the end, are you a turtle? You are a dog, you can’t die!”
He wished to smash Lin Zhanao’s corpse into thousands of pieces. If he pitted him, he would just say sorry?

“My life is gone, you say I’m sorry, it’s a shame?”

Jin Chengen is going crazy!

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