Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1628

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Chapter 1628

Jin Chengen smiled, and gave Lin Fan a provocative look:

“Excuse me, Lin Fan, my savior is here, goodbye!”
“I will see you and Bai Yi when I have time. You will have to put Bai Yi away. Don’t just climb onto my bed accidentally, hahaha!”
With that, he intends to get up and leave!



Kou Jianghuai strode forward directly and kicked Jin Chengen’s body. Jin Chengen hit his head against the wall and directly vomited a mouthful of blood.

Kneeling on the ground for a long time and can’t get up!


Seeing this, Lin Zhan’ao was furious. He didn’t expect that he had already come, so Lin Fan would dare to make a move?

Damn it!

Lin Zhanao glared at Kou Jianghuai and threatened:

“Your dragon teeth, is this going to be an enemy of our Lin family?”

Ke Kou Jianghuai She still shrugged confidently and said disdainfully:

“Sorry, Mr. Xu said, today the instructor’s order is the military order, and Lin Fan only obeyed his orders!”

“He didn’t say you can go, you can’t go!”

Lin Zhanao exploded directly, of course he was exploded with air!

What does dragon tooth mean?

Isn’t their Lin family comparable to Lin Fan, a great master?

So that, in order to please Lin Fan, they did not hesitate to oppose their Lin family?

This is just slap them in the face!

What a damn!

“Lin, they didn’t put you in their eyes at all, you must not set them on fire!”

Jin Chengen clutched his stomach and stared bitterly. Looking at Lin Fan, at this time he can’t wait to break Lin Fan’s body into pieces!

And then!

Lin Zhanao looked at Lin Fan coldly, still in a domineering attitude:

“Lin Fan, look at the face of the Lin family, let Jin Chengen! Take advantage of it. Now things have not reached the point of recovery, don’t make mistakes again and again!”

Ha ha!

Regarding Lin Zhanao’s threat, Lin Fan sneered twice, and said with a contemptuous expression:

“Sorry, for me, things are out of control.”

“From the time you ordered him to poison my wife and children, his fate has been doomed.”


Lin Zhanao gritted his teeth and glared at Lin Fan, and asked:

“Do you still have my father in your eyes?”

Jin Chengen is his own. If he can’t even keep his own people, where will he put his face?

In the future, who will work for him?


Jin Chengen is dumbfounded!

Lin Zhanao turned out to be Lin Fan’s Laozi?

In this case, why did he harm Lin Fan?

Even a bad guy like him can’t understand Lin Zhanao’s behavior of the tiger’s poisonous predator.

Hearing this, a strange curve suddenly appeared in the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth:

“How could I not put you in my eyes? I want to eat your meat in my dreams. Drink your blood and break your body into pieces!”

“But I can’t do this, after all, you are my father and you gave me my life! So I decided to change it. To retaliate against you, that is to make you have to die!” A word of

Directly made Lin Zhanao’s face extremely ugly!

And under that angry face, Lin Zhanao’s uneasy heart was hidden.

He knew Lin Fan, and he would do what he said.

And what disturbs him the most is that Lin Fan now seems to have such an ability.

At the moment, there is a vicious cold light flashing in his eyes:

“I warn you one last time and let Jin Cheng Eun go! Don’t force me to shoot you, I’ll Xing brought three great masters, as well as countless top masters and grandmasters. I was surrounded by people outside. If you are really stubborn, then I can only cruelly beat you to a disability!”
When the words fell, Lin Zhanao’s face showed a touch of a famous school. He would not kill Lin Fan, at least not on the face.
He didn’t want to give up a cruel and murderous infamy, but he would interrupt Lin Fan’s hands and feet and let him spend the rest of his life miserably like a dog.


But as soon as the voice fell, Lin Fan’s body burst out with extremely terrifying killing intent, like a fierce beast roaring in his body, it was violent to the extreme!

“Amazing murderous aura!”

The expressions of the great masters behind Lin Zhanao changed drastically at this moment.

They talked about martial arts all their lives, but they had never seen such an alien, such a terrifying killing intent, as if they were tearing people to pieces!

This young man is terrible!


Lin Fan stepped out in one step, but it was like a tiger descending a mountain, giving people an extreme sense of oppression.

Lin Zhanao and the others took a step back in terror, their faces instantly pale as paper.

“I’m leaving the words here too, Lin Zhanao must die! The Lin family dares to be troublesome, everything will die!”


Wang Wei!

At this moment, it was fully reflected in Lin Fan!

Gave them an illusion that the king is over the world.

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