Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1641

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Chapter 1641

At the moment, Zheng Ling sat on the bed, wrapped herself into a zongzi with a quilt, her eyes scattered, looking at Jacob somewhat dumbly.

Standing one meter away, Jacob looked at her helplessly. Zheng Ling refused him to approach her, as long as he approached her, she showed resistance all over her body.

For so long, Jacob could only get close to her after she fell asleep.

In the end, Jacob tried to approach her, and Zheng Ling saw him walking towards him, wrapping the quilt tighter. The body hidden in the quilt trembled badly.

Jacob had to stop, sighed almost desperately, and said in frustration: “Zhengling, have you really decided not to take Brother

Jie?” Zhengling shook her head. She didn’t want him, she just thought she was so ugly, she felt that she was useless…The cruel and vicious words Cassandra said were like scars imprinted on her body, making Zheng Ling extremely hate herself.

She is not worthy of Jacob.

For so long, Zheng Ling’s estrangement from Jacob has caused Jacob to suffer every day. He feels that he can’t support it anymore, so he must find a breakthrough to improve their relationship.

He tried to approach Zheng Ling, but Zheng Ling suddenly didn’t dare to look at him. She buried her head like a kid who did something wrong.

Jacob sat on the bed and hugged her to his knees with the quilt. His movements were very gentle, and despite this, Zheng Ling still felt as if she had been violated, and she suddenly stretched out her hand to push him hard. Tried to push him away from her.

Jacob’s heart was aching. Since childhood, no matter what mistakes he made, no matter how he angered her, she never had the idea of running away from him.

But this time, Zheng Ling probably really doesn’t want to love. That’s why she insisted on doing one thing for such a long time: get rid of him.

“Cheng Ling, don’t give up on me. Please.” He hugged her tightly and put his head on her neck, his tone soft as a child.

Zheng Ling suddenly stopped moving.

Jacob felt that she was terribly quiet, and he was a little nervous. After all, he would hug her against her wishes. In case of bad consequences, he would not want to see.

“Zhengling?” He looked at her quietly, seeing her like an old monk entering Ding without responding. He panicked a little, “Baby? Are you okay?”

Zheng Ling’s body did not tremble, but it was tight, and she could feel her tension.

Jacob breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m going to cook for you, what do you want to eat?”

Zheng Ling looked at him like a puppet.

Jacob put her on the bed again and covered her with the quilt. So he went to the kitchen to cook.

Zheng Ling fell asleep in a daze. She has been groggy lately and always loves to sleep, but every time she sleeps lightly, she will dream of those plausible scenes when she closes her eyes.

As soon as Zhengling closed her eyes, she saw Cassandra floating in front of her with disheveled hair like a female ghost, showing her blue face and fangs and shouting at her: “Irene, why are you still holding my son and not letting go? You disaster star? You see? See what you did to him? You turned him into your nanny, and you ruthlessly ruined the relationship between our mother and son so that he could not go home to see the child in his lifetime…You are his robbery. ! ” “

Not true. “Zheng Ling shook her head desperately, desperately want to cry out. But her body seemed to be crushed by a ghost, she was completely unable to move.

Cassandra jumped in front of her like a zombie, gnawing at her muscles. She saw large pieces of flesh being bitten off by Cassandra, and she saw her own blood flow into a river.

“Irene, why don’t you go to death?”

Irene was terrified. She was originally skinny, so she was afraid that Brother Jie would be sad to see her body. Now that she has become bloody again, she even dare not let Brother Jie see it.

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