Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1640

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Chapter 1640

Sure enough!

In the next instant, the murderous aura in Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly seemed to be gushing out.

The other party insulted him, he can bear it!

But insulting his wife, Lin Fan couldn’t bear it!


Zhou Junyu is still arrogant, with a dense smug on his face, looking at Lin Fan condescendingly:

“Brother, look away, the man wears his head A little bit of green will make life easy!”


The audience burst into laughter, and the look in Lin Fan’s eyes became more interesting.

If Lin Fan doesn’t agree, he will be finished today!

But if he agrees, he can only watch his own woman and become Zhou Junyu’s plaything.

Bad luck anyway!

But everyone thinks he deserves to make you pretend and get struck by lightning, right?

At this time, Zhou Junyu was even more arrogant. He couldn’t even keep his own woman. He wanted Li Xunran to take a good look at how trash such a man was.

However, there is more to it!

Zhou Junyu stared at Bai Yi squintingly, attacking Lin Fan, but at the same time, he also wanted to taste the taste of this beautiful girl. This girl looks more real, and her appearance is not inferior to Li Xun. Of course!

“If you can get into bed, it should be a beautiful thing too!”

But as soon as his voice fell, Lin Fan, who was already furious, made a move!

Lin Fan strangled Zhou Junyu’s chin with one hand, forcing his mouth to open, his eyes flickered:

“Your mouth is so stinky, I’ll just pull it out for you. Is this tongue? It’s useless if you keep it anyway!”


Upon hearing this, Zhou Junyu was about to explode!

In the next instant, Zhou Junyu directly raised his fist and smashed towards Lin Fan’s face, with a hint of hatred on his face.

Dog things, dare to threaten him?

Looking for death!

But his hand was blocked by Lin Fan in an instant. Lin Fan glanced at his hand, then grinned and said:

“It seems that you are more than just a tongue. I don’t want it anymore, I won’t even want it anymore!”


Zhou Junyu’s expression changed, and then suddenly realized something, and screamed in horror:

“What do you want to do, I warn you not to mess around, but I…”
But before he finished speaking, Lin Fan suddenly exerted force and suddenly folded Zhou Junyu’s hand, and Zhou Junyu’s arm instantly bends backward in an arc of 180 degrees!

Ow! ! !

Zhou Junyu suddenly let out a scream like killing a pig, horrified the audience instantly, and struggled madly in Lin Fan’s hands.

But Lin Fan’s hands are like iron tongs, no matter how hard he uses them, they can hardly move.

Everyone was completely stunned at this moment.

This guy broke Zhou Junyu’s hand?

Is he crazy?

The audience fell into a dead silence.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Lin Fan, and they just felt how shocking this scene was!

Didn’t he know that this person in front of him was the young boss of the Zhou group??

In their opinion, Lin Fan is no different from looking for death!


This guy is a lunatic!

Li Xunran sighed deeply. After all, the thing she worried most had happened.

She knew that Zhou Junyu was seeking his own death!

But Lin Fan still looked like an okay person, still pinching Zhou Junyu’s chin with one hand.

“As*hole thing, let go of our young master, or I want you to die!”

A sturdy man roared, with a thick murderous intent on his face. He is one of Zhou’s masters.

But Lin Fan didn’t even look at him, staring at Zhou Junyu like a torch:

“Now, I’m going to pull out your tongue!”


Hearing this, Zhou Junyu was almost scared to pee. He shook his head, his face was full of panic.

“Xunran, what the hell is this guy? Does he know what he is doing? If he really dares to treat Zhou Junyu, let alone the imperial capital, he won’t even want to leave this banquet hall today. !”

Someone said to Li Xunran.

Li Xunran sighed, and then stepped forward and said to Lin Fan:

“Mr. Lin, he is the son of my senior brother, please take it for the face of my teacher Please spare him this time.”

“After all, you also interrupted him with a hand.”

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