Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1641

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Chapter 1641


Lin Fan frowned. The boss of the Zhou Group is a disciple of Yao Lao. He hadn’t noticed this.

But for Yao Lao, Lin Fan still respects from the heart. He is a great man who has devoted all his life to revitalizing Chinese medicine.

Looking at the entire Huaxia, there is no doctor who does not respect him.

Lin Fan hesitated, then stared at Zhou Junyu sharply:

“You are lucky, but there is no next time!”

Zhou Junyu is like a small chicken nodded fiercely like a peck. At this moment, even the courage to refute was useless.

Then, Lin Fan released Zhou Junyu. Zhou Junyu coughed violently. He couldn’t even stand steady, and he fell to the ground with a thump.

His whole body was shaking uncontrollably, and he knew that if Li Xunran didn’t speak for him, this lunatic would really be able to pull out his tongue.

And seeing Zhou Junyu’s unpromising appearance, Li Xunran’s eyes became more contemptuous.

“If you don’t have the ability, you have to pretend to be coercive, but you take your own humiliation. I really think that everyone in the world is your father, and everyone has to be used to you?”


At this moment, a group of people walked in from outside the door. Everyone was quite powerful, and at first glance they were the figures pointing the country.

The moment they saw them, the expressions of everyone present became interesting.

This time, there is a good show!

And the moment Zhou Junyu saw the group of people, it was as if he had seen his backer, and he yelled very bitterly:

“Dad, save me!”
The moment Li Xunran saw the other party, she felt a little bit in her heart. Why did this happen again after another?

The visitor is no one else, but Yao Lao’s big disciple Zhou Botong!

Zhou Botong is more than half a hundred years old, and relying on the tiger skin of Yao Lao, he has been mixed up in the Chinese medicine industry. Many big men have a lot of friendship with him.

And he is a famous person who protects shortcomings, otherwise he would not develop Zhou Junyu’s domineering character.

Lin Fan labeled Zhou Junyu like this, and Zhou Botong will definitely not give up.

He is afraid that something big will happen now!

Hearing Zhou Junyu’s cry for help, Zhou Boxong frowned and swept over. When he saw his son’s tragic situation, his face instantly became gloomy.

“What happened?”
He questioned with a stern tone, as if to eat people.

Upon seeing this, everyone looked at Lin Fan with pity and hit Zhou Botong’s son. Lin Fan was afraid that it would be difficult to fly.

No matter how much background he has, he is inevitable.

At this time, Zhou Junyu pointed at Lin Fan bitterly:

“It’s him, this bastard, he beat me like this! Dad, I want His life, you help me kill him!”

Zhou Junyu is hated and mad. As the young owner of the Zhou group, he loses face in front of so many people, and the more important thing is in front of the woman he likes. Shame, how can this make him stand?

If you don’t kill Lin Fan, he will never give up!

“Zhou Junyu, you!”

Li Xunran was so angry, she just interceded for him, but now Zhou Junyu turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone. This is not beating her. Face?

And, is Lin Fan annoying?

“Even if you call, I can deal with him?”

Maybe people will even tidy up with you Lao Tzu.

Li Xunran felt that Zhou Junyu was a no-brained idiot. He finally got his life back, but he had to continue to die!

This time, there is no way to die!

When Zhou Botong heard this, he also looked at Lin Fan. When he saw that the other party was a yellow-haired kid, he was taken aback.
Then he rubbed his eyes, anger appeared in his eyes, and said in a nasty voice:

“This little brother, I don’t know which company he is from?”

A young man dare not Give him Zhou Botong face and hurt his son on his ground?

Lin Fan glanced at him and said with an indifferent expression:

“No power and no power, just duckweed and weeds!”


Zhou Botong smiled immediately, but his smile was full of hideous and brutality:

“Since I have no power and power, and dare to hurt my son, don’t you treat me Zhou Botong? Is it in your eyes?”

Originally, he thought that Lin Fan’s arrogance must come from a prominent family, and turned out to be a powerless little person?

Duckweed and weeds are extremely cheap!

Just like that, you dare to hurt his son?

Is this looking for death?

Lin Fan raised his head and looked at him, but there was a sneer of disdain at the corner of his mouth:

“I really didn’t put you in my eyes!”

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