Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1642

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Chapter 1642

When Lin Fan’s voice fell, the audience fell into a dead silence!

Everyone seemed to have heard something terrifying, and a turbulent wave was stunned in their hearts, and they all stared at the unconscious man in front of them!

Zhou Botong is a big boss in the imperial capital, and is by no means comparable to Zhou Junyu.

He really has the ability to determine life and death, but Lin Fan actually said that he didn’t put him in his eyes?

This is so desperate!

Zhou Botong nodded and said with a fierce look:

“Okay, I will fulfill you!”

Then, he looked To a man who looked like an iron tower beside him, he sternly said:

“Kahn, interrupt his leg, then throw it out!”

“Master, don’t mess around. He is Master’s distinguished guest!”

Li Xunran hurriedly stepped forward to obstruct him, for fear that Zhou Botong would really anger Lin Fan that would really be a big deal.

Zhou Botong glanced at Li Xunran, but did not give a good-faced reprimand:

“Go away! What’s the matter with you here?”

He is Yao Lao’s most important disciple, but in the past few years, his focus has been on business, and he has gradually lost his original mind as a doctor.

Therefore, Yao Lao gradually became disappointed in him, and then alienated him. On the contrary, he had a blue eye for the youngest Li Xunran, and even declared that she was his successor.

How can Zhou Botong not be jealous?

At the moment, when he heard that Li Xunran actually helped Lin Fan speak, he immediately became furious, and directly insulted indiscriminately.


Li Xunran gritted her teeth, and then nodded in anger:

“You want to die, I don’t care about you, just I hope you can bear the consequences!”

He said, she walked aside, and she didn’t bother to be nosy!

Ha ha!

Zhou Botong just grinned twice, and didn’t take Li Xunran’s words to heart.

A little girl film, thinking that a few words can scare him Zhou Botong?

It is so funny!

“Kane, do it!”

Zhou Botong snapped angrily. He wants Lin Fan to die now!

On the side, Zhou Junyu also flushed with excitement, glaring at Lin Fan:

“Dog thing, do you dare to interrupt my hand? I want to abolish your limbs, but also play your woman in front of you!”

“You are dead!”

Boom boom boom!

Kane walked towards Lin Fan, the sound of footsteps was like a giant mountain moving, causing a terrifying shock!

There was a bang!

Everyone in the audience was shocked!

Everyone knows how terrifying this foreigner is, he is the top master!

Because of the favor of Yao Lao in his early years, he was willing to serve Yao Lao, and later Yao Lao sent him to protect Zhou Botong!

According to legend, this monster once punched a tank and dented a tank!

Now that he takes action to clean up Lin Fan, then Lin Fan must be dead!

Upon seeing this, Bai Yi also nervously grabbed Lin Fan’s hands, and her body trembled uncomfortably.

But Lin Fan still looked calm and composed, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth, just watching Kane come.

At this moment, Kane stood in front of Lin Fan, the two-meter-high tiger body was very oppressive.

In front of him, Lin Fan looked like a child, a lot shorter!


But the next moment, a shocking scene happened!

The Kane, who was supposed to beat Lin Fan to a disability, knelt directly in front of Lin Fan at this moment!

At the same time, he lowered his proud head and said in a respectful voice:



The atmosphere of the audience, at this moment, seemed to burst completely, everyone was stunned!

All eyes are filled with horror and disbelief!

Kneel down!

Kane did not beat Can Lin Fan, but knelt towards him instead?


This scene is like a dream!

Kane is obviously Zhou Botong’s bodyguard, but now he kneels to a strange man?

How is this possible!

Seeing this, Zhou Botong was also crazy, and he roared in an extremely embarrassed manner:

“Kane, what are you doing? Disable him, I order you to mutilate him immediately! “


Kane looked back at him:

“I can’t beat him because he…”
“Kill me like a dog!”

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