Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1644

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Chapter 1644

Jacob was tasting tea. This tea is top grade. Jacob took a sip of the tea and put down the cup.

He poured another glass of boiled water for Zhengling and handed it to Zhengling. “Drink?”

Zheng Ling took it, shaking it to her mouth. Jacob held the teacup with his hands, fearing that Zhengling’s hands would break the teacup.

The grandmother’s eyes kept looking at Zheng Ling, thoughtfully.

“How long have you been ill?”

Jacob wrote lightly: “twice, not long. My family is brave and will overcome the disease by herself.” The grandmother nodded with a smile.

She didn’t doubt Jacob’s words at all, “If you take good care of her, she will indeed get better soon.” After a pause, the old grandma suddenly asked, “Her gastrointestinal function is not good?”

Jacob was surprised. Looking at the grandmother, if you are not a professional, how do you know that depression will be complicated by gastrointestinal diseases?

The old grandma didn’t explain, but walked into the room. She took out a bag of brown rice and handed it to Jacob, saying: “Take this brown rice home and make some thick rice porridge for her every day. She can’t eat, so she can drink soup. It can improve her gastrointestinal function. “

As long as it is good for Zheng Ling, Jacob will not refuse anyone who comes.

“Thank you grandma.” Jacob was very grateful to the old grandma.

The old grandma took out a game of chess, put it on the stone table, and said, “My wife loves to play chess, but my chess skills are not good. My husband is a very wise person. Can you accompany my wife to play chess?”

Jacob hesitated. , He has some worries. If he concentrates on playing chess, what will Zheng Ling do?

The grandmother said: “Don’t worry, let me accompany this child. It is better than her nesting in your arms.”

Jacob seemed to believe it, but the grandmother extended her hand lovingly.

The ghost enchantress led her to the ground, and walked a few steps staggeringly, sitting on an antiseptic wooden stool not far away.

Jacob’s gaze did not dare to leave Zhengling, but when he saw her sitting with her grandmother, his mood was still calm, his heart slowly fell.

Jacob played chess with his grandfather. In spite of his single mind and two uses, his chess game is still very sophisticated.

The old man looked at this chess game and thought about it seriously.

Over there, Zheng Ling looked at the grandmother innocently. The grandmother should be more than eighty years old, but she looks very tough, and her wrinkled face can still vaguely see the beauty of her youth.

Zheng Lingxu squinted her eyes and looked at it for a long time, but she doesn’t know why, the old grandma’s face became that of Jacob.

Their facial features are really amazingly similar?

“Child, tell grandma, what is your name?”

“Baby.” Zheng Ling said without thinking.

This is what Jacob calls her recently!

“Oh!” The grandmother also knew that this name was just Jacob’s nickname for Zheng Ling. It may not be the real name.

“Do you like him?” the old woman asked.

Zheng Ling nodded without thinking.

The old grandma smiled, “I can see that he is very nervous about you, he treats you very well, and you are very happy.” A shadow drifted across Zheng Ling’s eyes . Is she happy?

But her happiness is based on the pain of Brother Jie?

She shook her head desperately…

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