Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1643

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Chapter 1643


At this moment, everyone is like a sculpture, completely petrified.

What did they hear?

Kane actually said that the man in front of him killed him like a dog?

You know, Kane is a top-level grandmaster, and only the top-level grandmaster can kill him, or… the grandmaster!

Bai Yi was also stunned at this moment, this foreigner actually called her husband… the king?

How many secrets are there in Lin Fan’s body to hide her?

At this time!

Everyone looked at Lin Fan’s eyes again, completely changed!

If Lin Fan is only a top-level master, Kane can’t be so respectful to him, there is only one explanation.

The man in front of me is a great master!

The surname is Lin, and the great master again!

Right now, one person exclaimed:

“He is Master Lin!”


Everyone in the audience was completely shocked!

Master Lin, Master Lin who is famous in Jiangnan?

Killed the three genius Lin masters of the Lin family?

It turned out to be him!
How dare he come to the imperial capital, the territory of the Lin family?

And Zhou Junyu’s four self-righteous little blessings, when they heard that Lin Fan was Master Lin, all of them were almost paralyzed.

How dare they humiliate Grandmaster Lin?

The other party even dared to kill the three geniuses of the Lin family, so how could they put the four little blessings in their eyes?

If Lin Fan had just murdered them, I am afraid that they are already dead!

Aside, Zhou Botong’s face showed an imperceptible fear. What did Zhou Junyu do to provoke such a monster?

Powerless and powerless, duckweed and weeds?

With the name of Master Lin, this guy is enough to crush countless rich and powerful!

“Zhou, kneel down! Maybe things will turn around!”

Kane turned around and said to Zhou Botong, as a person in the dark world, how could he not know the Dark Emperor? Terrible?

If the emperor is angry, everyone present will die!

“If you want to survive, you can only kneel down and beg for mercy!”


Zhou Botong snorted unrepentantly:

“Master Lin, is it amazing? Here is the imperial capital, at the foot of the emperor, with so many eyes looking at him, how would you dare to kill me?”

“Master Lin, right? I am a big disciple of Yao Lao, if you dare to touch my hair, China will have no place for you!”

“Zhou Botong’s face was full of pride. Although he could not do anything to Lin Fan, he also believed that Lin Fan would never touch him.
“Really? I don’t think it is necessary?”

Only, at this moment!

A sneer full of sarcasm came from outside the door, and then a man in a straight suit walked in from the door with a smile.

“Liu Qing?”

The expressions of the crowd were dumbfounded. This is the seventh disciple of Mr. Yao, and he has been serving Mr. Yao, serving as a cup of tea and water. Errands.

Can be regarded as the closest person to Yao Lao!

Zhou Botong frowned, his expression suddenly became unsightly, frowned and looked at Liu Qing:

“Liu Qing, what do you mean?”
But Liu Qing didn’t even look at him, walked towards Lin Fan, and then bowed to Lin Fan under everyone’s horrified eyes:

“Lin Sir, I’ve been admired for a long time!”


The audience suddenly seemed to have been turned on the mute switch, and fell into a silent silence.

Everyone’s eyes widened in horror, first Kane and now Liu Qing, what terrible background does this guy have?

At this time, Zhou Botong also had an extremely ominous premonition in his heart.

He can clearly feel that Liu Qing’s appearance is absolutely unusual!

Sure enough, the next moment Liu Qing turned around and sneered at Zhou Bo’s channel:

“My master said, today Mr. Lin is a distinguished guest! Who dares to offend him, then Seen as a provocation to my master!”

The words came out like thunder!

Everyone, completely dumbfounded!

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