Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1653

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Chapter 1653

On the third floor of the dim corridor, Zhicao put his hands on the wall, confining the jade in a narrow space. Zheng Yu couldn’t laugh or cry. “Have you finished the performance?”

Fang Zhicao hissed at her, “Listen. Someone is coming.” Zheng Yu was dazed, Fang Zhicao’s after light fell to the stairs and saw the black leather shoes come out. The elevator door leaned over and kissed Zhengyu’s neck.

Yu Chengqian looked at the Zhengyu and Fang Zhicao at the wall with a handsome face. “What are you doing?”

Fang Zhicao raised his eyes, wiped his mouth with unsatisfactory thoughts, and looked at Yu Chengqian with dissatisfaction, “Hey, brother, are you blind? The lover in love, Bidong, what’s the matter? What a fuss?”

Yu Chengqian walked over and his eyes fell on Zheng Yu’s face. “Do you really like her?”

Zhengyu bit her scalp and nodded.

Yu Chengqian sneered and said: “Then when you were on Mount Everest, you thought about living in my villa, what you mean?”

Zhengyu lifted up his shuiguang dazzling eyes, biting his lip and said: “I want to find one for Chenchen Father, originally you were the most suitable candidate, but you disagree, I can only choose another person.”

Yu Chengqian has dark eyes, “I will give you a lot of money, and you and Chenchen can live without relying on others.”

Fang Zhicao touched his chin and began to calculate shrewdly, “You’re, have you heard? He will give you a lot of money, and then we can use his money to expand my company…I will treat you well. And Chenchen’s.

How could Yu Chengqian tolerate Yan Zhengyu using his money to raise other wild men, and immediately waved his fist at Fang Zhicao, I hate the guy who eats soft food the most.

Fang Zhicao’s eyes circled, and immediately become a panda eye.

Zhengyu hurriedly crossed between Yu Chengqian and Fang Zhicao, sent the child in his arms out as a shield, and said angrily: “If you want to fight, just hit our mother. It is we who have to rely on others.”

Yu Chengqian did not expect that Zhengyu would pull the child out as a shield in order to protect a soft boy. He was so angry that he was so angry that he said, “Yan Zhengyu, you are guilty.”

Zhengyu smiled without anger, “I am looking for a boyfriend, why are you angry?”

Yu Chengqian was dumb.

Zhengyu asked again: “You said, you won’t get involved in my life with Chenchen in your life, do you regret it?”

Yu Chengqian was dumb again.

Zhengyu said with a stern face, “Master Yu, I thought about marrying you before, so that Chenchen could have a complete family. But now I don’t have such an idea, because your Yu family daughter-in-law is not good for me. Even if you marry a chicken or a dog, you won’t be married to your Yu family. So please keep your promise and keep your distance from me. Zhengyu finished speaking and left with the baby in his arms.

Yu Chengqian looked at Zhengyu in disbelief. He was disgusted by this woman?

When Zhengyu walked to the stairwell, he happened to go upstairs to find Mrs. Yu Chengqian. Grandpa Yu listened to all of Zhengyu’s words, and the whole person became ill in an instant.

He has always been proud of his precious grandson, with good looks, strong ability, and unruly personality. He is simply the lover of many women’s dreams. Was rejected by an orphan without a father or mother?

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