Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1665

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Chapter 1665

Then, the door of the meeting room opened, and a figure came out under the eyes of everyone.

It turned out to be Lin Fan!

At the moment when they saw Lin Fan, Huo Dongying and others were immediately confused!

Not only are those, Zhou Botong and Zhang Jianjun also completely dumbfounded. Yao Lao wants to hand over the position of new chairman to this kid in front of him?

Is Yao Lao crazy?

This kid, what do you know!

Right now, Huo Dongying was furious, and instantly roared:

“Lin Fan, who allowed you to come in, is this a place where you can stay? Get out of here. !”

“Yes, this is a meeting room for powerful people in the medical world. What kind of thing do you have, what right do you have to stay here?”

Said insults and abuses. Resound instantly!

“I asked him to come!”

At this time, a slightly angry voice sounded.

With dozens of eyes, they all stared at the medicine all the time.
Then everyone present, their scalp numb, dumbfounded.

The new president that Yao Lao said is the guy in front of him, right?

“Lao Yao, what do you mean, he is an outsider, what qualifications does he have to come here?” Zhang Jianjun asked in astonishment, suddenly with a bad feeling in his heart.


Just when everyone was confused about it, Yao Lao went straight to Lin Fan, then stood in front of him, and said with an indifferent expression:

“I will introduce you now, this is the new president of our China Medical Association, Lin Fan!”

Boom! The word stirred up thousands of waves!

Zhou Botong and others are all crazy at this moment!

All eyes were shocked and angry!

Lin Fan, the new president?

What a joke!

This guy, how can you do!


Zhang Jianjun directly slapped the table angrily, glaring at Yao Lao:

“Yao Lao, you are joking about the future of Huaxia Traditional Chinese Medicine!”

Scum, can you compare to him?

It is just nonsense!

Zhou Botong and Zhang Jianjun both feel that Yao is always humiliating them. How can this kid be compared to them?

Even if he is a great master, he is only a little accomplished in martial arts. He knows nothing about medical skills. What qualifications does such a guy have to lead the entire Chinese medicine?

It’s not just Zhou Botong and others!

Even the younger generation such as Huo Dongying completely exploded after seeing this scene!

Huo Dongying directly exclaimed:

“Impossible, this trash, what qualifications does it have to be the president?”


Huo Dongying’s father turned his head and stared at him suspiciously:

“Do you know this person?”

Huo Dongying’s mouth was sneered. , Said:

“Dad, this person’s name is Lin Fan, he is the trash who was swept out by the Lin family back then, how can such a guy be qualified to lead Huaxia Chinese Medicine?”

The trash of the Lin family?

Hearing this name, everyone present changed their expressions drastically.

At the moment, they all cast contemptuous glances at Lin Fan. Obviously they all knew that there was such a person, and the Lin family still wanted to get rid of him soon.

Even if he becomes the president of the Medical Association, he is afraid that it will not be long before he will become a dead person. Their Medical Association may also offend the Lin Family and Zhang Jianjun for this, and the gain is not worth the loss!

At the moment, Huo Dongying’s father stood up and said coldly:

“I oppose him as the new president. I think he is not qualified, embarrassed, and unable to compete with Zhang. It’s on the same level!”

And with his opening, everyone in the room also had a plan, and they all spoke:

“I also don’t agree! What qualifications does a Lin family’s waste and abandoner have to lead the entire Huaxia medicine industry?”

“Master, you are indeed too reckless. Although this guy is a great master, he is right. I don’t know anything about medicine. How can such a person carry forward Huaxia Medicine?”

These old foxes are all human beings. They cannot let someone like Lin Fan serve as the new president. It seems natural to please Zhang Jianjun!

And see here!

Huo Dongying suddenly laughed triumphantly:

“I heard that there is no Lin Fan, you can go! Want to be the president of the Medical Association? Next life!”
For a long time, Lin Fan was trampled on by them, but once Lin Fan became the president, he would be their immediate boss.

Neither Huo Dongying nor Liu Xi and others can accept it.

And Lin Fan was also completely stunned. He didn’t think that the reason Yao Lao would call him over was to make him the president of the Medical Association.

Is this going to let him lead the rhythm of Chinese medicine?

In the face of the dissatisfaction of the people, Yao Lao looked like a bamboo in his chest, and said astonishingly:

“Then if I tell you, he is the genius doctor Lin? “

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