Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1687

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Chapter 1687

“No, brother, are you out of money? Tell me if you have no money? You can’t even buy meat, how poor is this?.” Yan Zheng was heartbroken.

Jacob served a good meal, stuffed his rice bowl into Yan Zheng’s hand, and said: “My family is going to be vegetarian.”

Yan Zheng dumbfounded, “Why don’t you eat meat?”

“Zhan Ling’s stomach can’t digest it.” Jacob Tao.

Yan Zheng: “…”

Jacob went out carrying the food, but Yan Zheng was stuck in place with tears in his eyes.

He was really touched that Jacob could accompany her to become a vegetarian for Zheng Ling. After all, this is not a day or two.

When Yan Zheng came out of the kitchen, he saw Jacob eating his meal elegantly. Even if he eats coarse tea and light rice, his handsome face is satisfied and happy.

Yan Zheng suddenly felt that in this world, Zheng Ling was actually quite lucky to meet Jacob. Although Jacob’s parents brought many misfortunes to Zheng Ling, all the misfortunes seemed to be able to be smoothed by Jacob’s deep love.

For this meal, because there was no meat, Yan Zheng ate a few bowls of white rice. In the end, he licked the bottom of the pot to be content.

After eating, Jacob sat leisurely on the sofa. At this moment, he finally realized the benefits of Yan Zheng Fengxian’s arrival. At least he doesn’t need to wash the dishes.

Zheng Ling sat next to him, touching her round belly and said: “No need to cook, no need to wash dishes, what kind of fairy life do I have?”

“That’s enough?” Jacob asked with a smile.

Zheng Ling nodded. She stood up again and walked around in the living room boredly.

Jacob’s gaze fell on her slender and white legs, because she was wearing a miniskirt, and her two well-proportioned slender legs were very charmingly exposed.

“Zhengling, go and wear pants.” Jacob said suddenly.

“Why? I’m hot?” Zheng Ling was puzzled.

“Will be gone.” Jacob kindly reminded her.

Zheng Ling thought that there were Fengxian and Yan Zheng at home, and it was really embarrassing to go out, so she hurried to the bedroom and changed into a knee-length skirt.

When Yan Zheng and Fengxian walked out of the kitchen, Yan Zheng saw the changes in Zheng Ling, and asked her curiously, “Why change skirts? Isn’t the mini skirt pretty good-looking?”

“I’m afraid of running out.” Zheng Ling told the truth. .

Yan Zheng gave Jacob a blank look, gritted his teeth, “Guarding me is like guarding wolf, I am her brother.”

Jacob ignored him. Standing up and walking lazily to the bedroom, “I’m going to take a lunch break. Zhengling, stay with me.”

Fengxian held Zhengling, “Brother, you can let Sister Zhengling accompany me to speak. I haven’t talked to her for a long time. Chatting.”

Jacob did not force it either. He just told Zheng Ling, “Come in when you want to rest, and it won’t disturb me.”


Then the two sisters sat cross-legged on the sofa and talked.

Because the sitting posture of the two people is really casual, especially Fengxian wearing a mini skirt, almost on the verge of exhaustion. So that Yan Zheng watched very fire-breathing. “Fengxian, you’d better wear long trousers when you go out.”


“I’ll run out.” Yan Zheng said.

Fengxian adjusted her sitting posture and said, “It’s so casual at home.”

“If you get used to it, you won’t notice it outside…”

Fengxian glared at him, “You and my brother are fine. If you don’t learn it, just learn from his conservative and feudal ideas!

Yan Zheng suddenly realized: suddenly felt that your brother made sense.

Zheng Ling was afraid that the couple would quarrel, and quickly dismissed Yan Zheng, Brother, go. Buy us something to eat back.”

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