Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1696

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Chapter 1696


Seeing Lin Fan like this, Jiang Zunsheng still showed a disdainful expression.

“Ms. Lin, right? It seems that you don’t want to negotiate anymore. That’s good! Let’s kill the net together!”

“I’ll call Ouyang Feifei now and ask her Work harder and try to make your DC Pharmaceuticals completely stigmatizing!”

“Let you have no market in China in the future!”

Said, Jiang Zunsheng He took out his cell phone, really planning to call Ouyang Feifei.


At this moment, his phone rang suddenly!

The caller ID turned out to be the housekeeper!

Jiang Zunsheng frowned, but finally got on the phone.

Then, the housekeeper’s cry came from the other end:

“Master, the big business is not good. Just now, the Fourth Young Master was in a car accident when he was racing outside. Hit it to death!”


Jiang Zunsheng’s brain went blank for an instant, and his whole body seemed to be electrocuted. He trembled crazily, his face completely pale as paper!

Together with the mobile phone, also fell to the ground!

At this time, Jiang Zunsheng only felt that the sky was spinning, and his center of gravity was unstable and he was paralyzed on the ground.

The eye sockets are instantly moist!

His son, is dead?

Was hit by a car and died?

This is undoubtedly bad news for a father!


In the next instant, Jiang Zunsheng suddenly raised his head, staring at Lin Fan extremely bitterly:

“It’s you, did you do it, right?”
In this world, there is no such a coincidence!

Lin Fan just called, his son was killed by a car!

This can’t be a coincidence! is Lin Fan’s ghost!

And Lin Fan did not admit it, staring at him with a sneer:

“I warned you and gave you a chance. You don’t know how to cherish!”
It’s him!

It’s really him!

Jiang Zunsheng’s eyes are about to split, and he is completely crazy:

“I want you to die! I want you to die!”

“I tell you, you guys Huafu Pharmaceutical is over!”

Jiang Zunsheng went crazy and rushed towards Lin Fan, planning to fight Lin Fan!


However, the desperate cell phone ringtone rang again.
Jiang Zunsheng’s footsteps then stopped, and then looked at his mobile phone, a touch of fear appeared in his eyes.

Because he saw the number on the caller ID, which belonged to his third son.

“Come on, see what your son said to you.”

Lin Fan spoke, and a smile like a devil appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Zunsheng’s heart suddenly sank. Could this guy still attack his other sons?

At the moment, Jiang Zunsheng was going crazy, he rushed to the phone and pressed the hands free with trembling hands.

“Dad, save me! They have interrupted my leg. They said that if you didn’t agree to their terms, they would kill me! Save me, Dad!”

The screams of Jiang Zunsheng’s third son came from the other end, full of despair and pain.

Jiang Zunsheng’s face instantly looked like dead gray. After the youngest son, is he the third son?

This man had already arranged everything before he came here.

“I am too naive. If the other party is just an ordinary doctor, how can he become the leader of Washington Pharmaceuticals?”

He originally thought he had eaten Lin Fan.

But the truth is that Lin Fan ate him to death.

A call from the other party shattered all his hopes, and now he is over!

Is completely over!

And at this moment, Lin Fan The evil smile appeared on his face again:

“Dong Jiang, let’s not worry, you still have three sons. It’s not too late to make a decision when the last one is left!”
“The devil! You are a devil!”

Jiang Zunsheng suddenly roared out of control. At this time, he was going crazy.

Lin Fan killed one of his sons and maimed one of his sons. He could still laugh at him. He was cold-blooded.

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