Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1697

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Chapter 1697

“The Devil?”

Lin Fan laughed, showing a look of nostalgia:
“Before, they did call me that way!”

Then, he stared at Jiang Zunsheng with a sharp-eyed:

“But you, aren’t you also here? Is the devil stabbing a knife in the back?”

If Jiang Zunsheng didn’t find his way to death, how could he attack Jiang Zunsheng’s family?

Before coming here, Lin Fan had already given him a chance!

And every time he gives people a chance, it is a pity that almost every time, those people are confident that they don’t want it!

Therefore suffered the punishment and the price it deserved!

Jiang Zunsheng was completely stunned, and then the tears in his eyes, like a lake with a dyke, continued to surge.

Regret it!

At this time, his intestines are all regretful.

He killed his own son!

If it were not for his greed, his son would not die!

Stabbed the devil in the back, he was seeking his own death.
“Blackmail me Lin Fan, you are the first one!”

Lin Fan snorted coldly, his eyes flashing with coldness:

“Since you are looking for death, then I will complete you!”

“Hurry up and make a decision, or I want your whole family to die!”


Jiang Zunsheng felt like thunder, his whole body was about to be paralyzed, Dang even knelt towards Lin Fan:

“No, please let my son go, I promise you Request!”

Jiang Zunsheng suddenly panicked, and pleaded bitterly to Lin Fan. At this time, he was almost paralyzed.


Then, Lin Fan slapped him fiercely, and said with a vicious and vicious face:

“You didn’t want to give you face before, but now you regret it, you It’s really a cheap bone!”

Jiang Zunsheng was crying at this time, his face was bitter, and he couldn’t even speak.

“Mr. Lin, as long as you are willing to let me go, you can let me do anything! I beg you!”

Jiang Zunsheng knelt and knocked at Lin Fansan. , This time has been completely shocked.

He knew that if he didn’t agree to Lin Fan’s request, this man would really kill his family.

“Follow me to the conference venue now, you should know what you are going to do?”

Lin Fan said coldly, and stood up from the chair at the same time.

Jiang Zunsheng nodded bitterly. He knew that he would destroy Ouyang Feifei himself.

Destroying a cash cow that he had cultivated in this way made him feel heartbroken.

Jiang Zunsheng fully realized what is meant by stealing chickens and losing rice.

And now!

Ouyang Feifei still sold miserably in front of a large number of reporters, and said how abhorrent and hateful DC Pharmaceuticals is.

“So far, we have not received an apology from Washington Pharmaceuticals. Obviously they have not realized their mistakes until now!”

“You can imagine, what kind of attitude do they have, can state-owned enterprises do whatever they want?”

“Can high-level officials despise law and discipline?”

Wan Lishi also stood up Bangqiang, full of righteous indignation, expressed extremely angry.

Ouyang Feifei looked like a pitiful, she kept wiping her tears, but said hypocritically:

“Sister Li, don’t say that, it’s just a personal act, and It’s okay for Washington DC Pharmaceuticals!”

“Why doesn’t it matter?”

Wan Li pretended to be angry and shouted:

“They dare to hit people directly, isn’t it because of the indulgence of the leadership? You still speak for them at this time. Are you stupid?”

Wan Li Shi’s voice fell, Ouyang Feifei stopped talking, and then cried even more incredible.


But they were snickering in their hearts. The two of them sang together. It is estimated that the stock price of Washington Pharmaceuticals will have to drop by a few percentage points, right?

But right now!

Jiang Zunsheng walked toward the stage with a gloomy expression, and his appearance immediately caused an uproar.

All the shots were aimed at Jiang Zunsheng for a while, and the big boss of Ouyang Feifei’s brokerage firm came?

Does he also want to participate in the press conference?

They are very curious about how Jiang Zunsheng will express his position!

When Jiang Zunsheng appeared, Ouyang Feifei and Wan Lishi were both stunned. They didn’t seem to expect Jiang Zunsheng to appear on their own initiative. Could the negotiations with Washington Pharmaceuticals collapse?

So Jiang Zunsheng has to completely step on the Washington DC Pharmaceuticals on the soles of his feet?

And just under the eyes of everyone, Jiang Zunsheng walked towards Ouyang Feifei on his own.

And then…


A merciless slap, he slammed Ouyang Feifei’s face severely.


The audience was shocked!

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