Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1698

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Chapter 1698


Everyone present was completely dumbfounded!

What’s the special situation?

As Ouyang Feifei’s boss, he hit her as soon as he came?

What kind of drama is this?

Not only the reporters present, but the audience watching the live broadcast in front of the camera are also completely dumbfounded at this time.

As Ouyang Feifei’s boss, Jiang Zunsheng did not speak for her, but hit her as soon as he came?

What’s the matter?

Ouyang Feifei and Wan Lishi, petrochemical on the spot!

They never dreamed that Jiang Zunsheng would attack Ouyang Feifei as soon as she appeared. Is this because of Washington Pharmaceuticals?

Especially Ouyang Feifei!

At this time, she is completely confused!

She looked at Jiang Zunsheng in disbelief, and said extremely innocently:

“Boss, what are you doing at me?”

This time!

Thousands of them fell into sluggishness, all looking at Jiang Zunsheng incredible!

Saw Jiang Zunsheng’s face gloomy, and roared like crazy:

“Bitch, you still have the face to ask, what did you do, don’t you know it??”


Ouyang Feifei completely paled, what did she do?

Did Jiang Zunsheng know about the joy of finding a few male models not long ago?

So when he became angry, he would completely ruin himself in front of the media?


Without waiting for her to continue to ask questions, Jiang Zunsheng turned his head directly, facing the media present, and said loudly:

“Everyone, don’t let this bitch be fooled, this is not the case at all!”

“According to my understanding, Ouyang Feifei ordered her bodyguard to beat her because an employee of Washington Pharmaceuticals blocked her way, and then asked Zhang Jianjun to fire the employee!”

” When Mr. Zhang was furious, he slapped Ouyang Feifei and canceled the cooperation with our company, but this bitch actually held a grudge and called the thief to catch the thief!”

“Want to use the power of public opinion to lash out Revenge on Washington DC Pharmaceuticals!”


This sentence resounded like a thunderous thunder, outrageously resounding through the audience!

Everyone present was dumbfounded!

The truth, is this the truth?

Then if what Jiang Zunsheng said is true, then how vicious this woman’s heart should be!

Jiang Zunsheng was going to destroy her by himself /at this time. At this time, Ouyang Feifei only felt a bolt from the blue, her eyes were full of shock and panic, and she looked at Jiang Zunsheng in disbelief!

Jiang Zunsheng was going to destroy her by himself?

Is Jiang Zunsheng crazy?

On the side, Wan Lishi’s legs were also weak, and her face was instantly pale as paper!

She knows that Jiang Zunsheng’s attitude has changed so much, it must be because of Washington Pharmaceuticals, and because Washington Pharmaceuticals gave Jiang Zunsheng a reason to refuse, and it can even be said to be an irresistible threat!

So Jiang Zunsheng had to sacrifice Ouyang Feifei in order to protect himself!

But sacrificing Ouyang Feifei does not mean sacrificing her?

After all, she is Ouyang Feifei’s accomplice!


This one is over!

Even if Renaissance Shidang is about to cry, she shouldn’t listen to Ouyang Feifei’s nonsense. How could a small person like them beat a behemoth like Washington Pharmaceuticals?

Even Jiang Zunsheng has been subdued, and they have completely lost their backers now!

“You are talking nonsense! You are talking nonsense!”

Ouyang Feifei rushed towards Jiang Zunsheng like crazy, reaching out to grab the microphone in Jiang Zunsheng’s hand:

“Why did you do this? You are ruining me!”

“Get out!”

Jiang Zunsheng directly kicked Ouyang Feifei off the beaten track. Continue to say:

“Everyone, Ouyang Feifei was brought up by me. She is my cash cow if it is hard to hear. If it were not a last resort, I would never destroy her like this.”
“But what she has done is too much, even I can’t stand it anymore!”
No! ! !

Upon hearing this, Ouyang Feifei was completely desperate, and wailed very sadly.

Obviously, she also knew that Jiang Zunsheng’s current words were pushing her into the abyss of immortality.


The expressions of the major reporters became extremely ugly in an instant, because they all had the feeling of being played by Ouyang Feifei as a monkey.

There was an inexplicable anger in her heart!

Then, a male reporter stepped forward and asked Jiang Zunsheng:

“Dong Jiang, it’s not convenient for Fang to disclose what caused you to lose a future queen. Do you want to stand up and make a name for Washington Pharmaceuticals?”

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