Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1689

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Chapter 1689

Zheng Ling smiled and said, “Husband, I’m fine.”

Jacob looked at her fearfully. At this moment, Zheng Ling had slowed down and her face was as usual.

“I’m really fine, you also know that since I got anorexia, I can’t smell the irritating smell. Just now because Fengxian vomited, I couldn’t bear it because of the stench…” Zheng Ling explained Chase.

Jacob was slightly relieved.

“Really okay?”

Zheng Ling saw his nervous and anxious appearance, and suddenly blamed herself. She hugged Jacob’s neck tightly, and said ashamed: “I’m sorry, brother Jie, I secretly ate some snacks., Drank a cup of goat’s milk.”

Zhan Han Juejun’s face turned black.

Angrily burned in his chest, “Who gave you the food? What else did you eat?”

Zheng Ling knew that he would be angry, and fearing that he would find Yan Zheng Fengxian to settle the account, Zheng Ling felt that she should do her best to lower the fire.

“Brother Jie, don’t be angry.”

“I was wrong.”

“I must control my mouth from now on…”

Jacob looked at Zheng Ling’s deer-like eyes, with a kind of flattery. , Trembling a bit, rubbed her tightly into his arms. He whispered: “It’s hard for you. After eating vegetarian for so long, I must be tired of it.”

Zheng Ling’s eyes burst into tears. In fact, she was clearly wronged, and a big man accompanied her to become a vegetarian. What else is she not satisfied with?

“I was wrong.” Zheng Ling suddenly burst into tears.

She feels extremely ashamed, why can Jacob have such a strong willpower to accompany her to become a vegetarian, but she can’t control her own mouth, making him frightened?

Jacob’s irritable heart was ironed into obedient by her sensitivity and passion, and when she spoke again, her hostility had vanished, and she said softly: “Okay, don’t cry. I’ll make good food for you tonight. “When

Zheng Ling and Jacob came out of the bedroom, Yan Zheng had already dealt with the scene and secretly hid the snacks.

Only the box of goat milk powder is on the table.

Fengxian curled up on the sofa with a dad expression on her face.

Seeing Jacob, Fengxian took the initiative to admit her mistake, and said softly: “Big Brother, I am unwell today. Don’t scold me today. You can scold me another day.”

Jacob asked her, “Where is it?”

Feng Xian actually regained his anger after vomiting, but he was afraid that Jacob would scold her, so he pretended to be sick.

“My stomach is upset.”

“The retribution of eating snacks?” Jacob didn’t have a good air.

Fengxian: “…”

“Brother, you can scold if you want.” Fengxian felt that Jacob would not let her go, and completely gave up saving herself.

Yan Zheng said: “No, you have to call big brother scolded me, not the fault of impatiens is I want to buy snacks, goat milk is my bubble, they also see that I spit …….”

Zheng Ling and Fengxian looked at Yan Zheng together, shouldn’t this guy be so ridiculous if she wants to excuse them.

Jacob said, “Since they see you are going to vomit, what are you doing here? Pack your packages and go back to the imperial capital.”

Fortunately, Yan Zheng had a thick-skinned skin, and Jacob scolded him, and he didn’t feel it go with. Hippie smiled and said: “Don’t, I’m leaving, no one will help you wash the dishes.”

Jacob always felt that it is not a coincidence that Fengxian and Zhengling vomited at the same time. His thoughts were like dust and he always felt that he must find the cause of their vomiting. To be completely relieved.

“Let’s go to the hospital.” Jacob suggested.

Both Zhengling and Fengxian were people who had recovered from vomiting, and they were a little bit repulsive from going to the hospital.

“Big Brother, I’m fine.”

“I’m fine.”

Jacob’s face sank, Zheng Ling walked outside obediently. “Let’s go.”

Fengxian resignedly stood up, “Will you make a fuss?”

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