Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1699

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Chapter 1699

Jiang Zunsheng gave a wry smile, and then said awe-inspiringly:
“Because of conscience!”

Lin Fan almost didn’t laugh when he heard this below.

This Jiang Zunsheng is better than Ouyang Feifei in acting, this is the real cunning.

Jiang Zunsheng is like a man of justice, righteously saying:

“In order to develop new vaccines, Washington DC has worked overtime overnight, and all employees and senior management are busy. I am dizzy, in order to get the vaccine to market as soon as possible to solve the crisis of the domestic epidemic!”

“This is a great event for the benefit of the country and the people! The benefit of the society! But Ouyang Feifei maliciously hurt her own selfish desires. To discredit the Washington DC Pharmaceuticals and affect the launch of vaccines!”

““Speaking nicely is selfish, and talking badly is an attempt to endanger national security and social stability!”

““This kind of scum without morality, our company will never tolerate it and must be severely punished!”

“So I officially decided to terminate the contract with Ouyang Feifei from today. Artists are not humans at all and must be severely punished!”


Ouyang Feifei was completely limp on the ground, her face like ashes.


She is completely over, now not only is she ruined, but she may also be blocked forever.

Her star dream ends here!

At this time, Ouyang Feifei was going crazy, she had spent so much effort and time in order to get to where she is today.

But just because of Jiang Zunsheng’s words, she completely hit the bottom!

The disaster is over!

“What a shame!”

“The thief shouts to catch the thief, how can there be someone as shameless as you!”

“Because of her own selfish desire to prevent the life-saving vaccine from being launched, she what damages the safety of life and property of all mankind, can this kind of person be a star?”

“Seriously punished, must be punished severely!”

All the reporters suddenly flew into a rage and screamed at Ouyang Feifei.

Some people even wanted to come on stage to beat Ouyang Feifei, but they were stopped by the security guards.

The audience who watched the live broadcast in front of the TV were also filled with righteous indignation at this time. They never thought that their idol was such a disgusting person.

Said she was a scum and praised her!

Moral conduct has deteriorated to the extreme!

It was obvious that he had made a mistake, and in the end he bit back. If Jiang Zunsheng hadn’t stood up to clarify, they had believed Ouyang Feifei’s nonsense.

Even if the DCP vaccine is on the market, he is afraid no one will get it.

It is not an exaggeration to describe her as a disaster for the country and the people!

And just now!

A group of plain clothes walked in quickly from the door, and walked straight to the podium.

And then presented an arrest warrant, and said to Ouyang Feifei with a cold face:

“Ouyang Feifei, you are suspected of deliberately hurting others, malicious slander, and endangering public safety and other crimes, please you cooperate with us in the investigation in the bureau!”


Ouyang Feifei’s heart suddenly sinks, but the police department cooperates with the investigation?

Isn’t there going to be no return?

At the moment, Ouyang Feifei was eclipsed, and she no longer had the pride and smile she was just now. She cried to Jiang Zunsheng:

“Save me! Jiang Zunsheng, you save me.” Me! You can’t just watch me get taken away like this! “

She can accept not being a star, after all, she has already made so much money, and she will marry a rich man.

But if she were to go to jail, she would be completely ruined in her life.

She doesn’t want to go to jail. She is only 23 years old this year. She is in her youth and has great years. How can she go to jail before she has time to enjoy her life!


How dare Jiang Zunsheng save her at this time? Doesn’t saving her mean offending Lin Fan?
At the moment, Jiang Zunsheng is cold, and continues to pretend to be filled with righteous indignation:

“Why do you blame me for this? A scum like you deserves to be severely punished. That’s it!” The implication of is to completely abandon Jiang Zunsheng!

“Jiang Zunsheng, you beast! I won’t let you go!”

Ouyang Feifei roared hysterically, and was dragged down by a group of plain clothes. .

However, there is more to it!

“Wan Li Shi, you, as Ouyang Feifei’s agent, also come with me to understand the situation!”

Hear the words!

Wan Lishi’s face turned pale, and when her legs became soft, she slumped on the ground.

“At this time, I was so scared, I didn’t even have the strength to stand up, like a dead dog.”

And then!

Jiang Zunsheng came to the stage and bowed to everyone:

“Everyone, this matter was caused by the unfavorable supervision of the artists under my opponent, and it was my dereliction of duty!”

“For this, I solemnly apologize to Washington DC Pharmaceuticals!”

“And do whatever it takes to compensate DC Pharmaceuticals! Today’s press conference is over!”
“Please come back, everyone!”

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