Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1702

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Chapter 1702

Jacob said: “Then you be careful.”


Zheng Ling took the dishes out, and just walked to the door, Yan Zheng suddenly yelled, “Ah. ….”

Zheng Ling staggered with fright; all the eggplant cakes in her hand fell to the ground.

Zheng Ling stared at Yan Zheng angrily?

Yan Zheng pointed to the dictionary aggrievedly, “I’ll give your nephew a name.” It turned out that he found a good name and yelled happily.

Zheng Ling was heartbroken at the pot of vegetables, bending over to pick them up.

Jacob strode over, helped Zhengling up, and said: “It’s okay.”

Zhengling said sadly: “Wasted.”

Jacob said: “No waste, you just ate it. It was meant to relieve your greed. , I can’t eat too much. Pick these up and give Yan Zheng to eat.”

Yan Zheng stared wide and looked at Jue Jacob uncontrollably, Big Brother, I’m not a trash can.

Jacob said: Who made you scared Zheng? Ling’s?”

Yan Zheng looked at Zheng Ling’s lost expression, and then remembered that he accidentally scared Zheng Ling last night, and the sister who suffered a relapse of her old illness, felt guilty. In order to make Zheng Ling happy, he said boldly: Don’t lose your face. Bring it over, and my brother ate them all.

Jacob passed it over, stuffed it into Yan Zheng’s arms, and warned fiercely: Remember, don’t make a loud noise in the future.

Yan Zhengzheng said without love: “There are so many taboos in your house.”

Jacob grabbed the egg pie and stuffed it into his mouth…

Yan Zheng chewed on the egg pie, his expression of bitter and enmity turned bright. “It’s delicious.”

Fengxian smelled the fragrant egg pie, and wanted to eat it very much. But considering that it is junk food picked up on the ground, there are some concerns.

Yan Zheng said: “Fengxian, it’s really delicious. Would you like to try it?”

“Can my son eat it?” Fengxian asked.

Yan Zheng said: “Why can’t you eat it? Someday the beggars outside are not eating the leftovers in the trash can, don’t they still live well?”

Fengxian released the taboo and started to eat.

After eating a plate of eggplants, when it was his turn to eat dinner, he saw the table full of rich and delicious delicacies. Yan Zheng was so angry that he hit the table with his head directly, “I knew there were so many delicious ones, so I wouldn’t eat so many eggplants. It’s cake.”

Jacob was holding vegetables to Zheng Ling, and the two of them ate with gusto.

Fengxian looked at Zheng Ling with envy. Just because she got out of this delicious meal. Seeing what the eldest brother has done to Sister Zheng Ling.

The eldest brother loves sister Zhengling, not only in words, but also in deeds. Such a man deserves to be entrusted to life by Sister Zheng Ling.

“Sister Zhengling, are you going back to the imperial capital?” Fengxian asked suddenly.

She just suddenly wanted to know how Sister Zheng Ling would repay her elder brother’s affection.

After all, from Fengxian’s point of view, trapping Jacob in this small cloud city would be very unfair to a wandering dragon like Jacob.

Jacob handed Fengxian a vigilant look, “Don’t open which pot or lift which pot.”

Fengxian seemed to understand, so Sister Zheng Ling didn’t want to return to the capital?

Unwilling to return the eldest brother to the warrior? Give it back to Media Asia?

Fengxian was dulled and not talking.

Zheng Ling suddenly explained: “Whether you want to return to the imperial capital? When to return to the imperial capital, let your eldest brother make the decision.”

Fengxian stared at Jacob blankly: So it turns out that eldest brother doesn’t want to go back?

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