Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1711

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Chapter 1711

Li Xunran nodded bitterly and said:

“Yes, no need!”


She wanted to use Lin Fan to dissolve the marriage contract, but before she could throw Lin Fan’s hole card, her family’s reaction had completely chilled her.

At this time, it doesn’t matter whether you throw Lin Fan or not.

Because she had already broken off her engagement with Wang Boyi, and she was also swept out by Old Man Li.

“Are you a special thing, is there any place for you to speak?”

The second aunt immediately yelled at Lin Fan, with a deep contempt on her face:

“A person who eats soft rice really regards himself as a character. If it weren’t because you are the concubine of this bitch, we will let you die here now!”

Everyone looked at Lin Fan with contempt. Where is the courage of a door-to-door son-in-law with so many scenes?

And at this time, Li Xunran looked at Lin Fan with a tired face. :

“Lin Fan, shall we go?”

At this time, she no longer wants to stay here, because every minute and every second here, she is Feeling disgusting and disgusting.

Lin Fan frowned and asked again:

“Are you sure you are leaving like this?”

The two families in front of others seem to be huge creatures, but in his eyes, they are like ants, which can be destroyed by a finger!

Speaking of the problem, even if they add up, they are less than ten of the Lin family. One part.

Faced with Lin Fan’s thoughtfulness, Li Xunran nodded with difficulty.

As she said, nothing matters anymore.


Lin Fan nodded, helped Li Xunran and planned to leave.

It’s just!

This intimacy move completely broke Wang Gamei’s fragile nerves!

At the moment, his eyes are thick. With a strong killing intent, he sternly said:

“I can’t just let him go!”

“It was all because of this scum, so the marriage between Li Xunran and I will not let him go!”

“He must die!”

However, Wang Gamei didn’t even know!

Because of his remarks, the entire Wang family is about to face annihilation for a while!

And heard this!

Elder Li also suddenly yelled:

“Stop him!”

Because of Lin Fan, he had to sweep Li Xunran out. At this time, he naturally wouldn’t take off against Lin Fan, the culprit!

And Lin Fan turned around and looked at Wang Gamei gloomily:

“Are you sure you won’t let me go?”
He originally wanted to let it go, but since Wang Gamei is looking for death, it’s different.

“Not bad!”

Wang Gamei smiled, then looked at Lin Fan condescendingly:

“If you want to go, you can drill under my crotch. In the past, so I can consider letting you go!”

Ha ha!

Lin Fan sneered twice, and then walked back:

“Okay, then I won’t go!”

And now!

Li Xunran also frowned, and said to Wang Gamei in anger:

“Wang Gamei, I warn you, don’t trouble yourself!”

When Wang Gamei heard this, he became more and more jealous:

“What, do you feel bad for your concubine?”

At the moment, he thought Li Xunran was heartbroken. Lin Fan, for fear of what he would do to Lin Fan.

As everyone knows!

Li Xunran is actually saving his dog’s life!

Then, Wang Gamei gritted his teeth and said:

“But the more you love him, the more I want him to be disabled!”

Lin Fan put a green hat on him and wounded him again. How could he give Lin Fan lightly?

Today, Lin Fan must die!

He wants to make Li Xunran lose money!

“Grandpa! Don’t! You can’t offend him!”
Li Xunran begged to Old Man Li. She knew Lin Fan’s temper. If these people insisted on trying to die, Lin Fan would not let them go.

And the wrath of this devil is beyond the reach of the Li family and the Wang family!

But her words fell in the ears of Old Man Li and the others, but they were completely changed.

Can’t afford to offend?

Is Li Xunran looking down on their two families?

It is nothing more than a little white face eating soft rice. How can they not bother them?

At the moment, Mr. Li was even more disappointed in Li Xunran, and he kept shaking his head:

“Li Xunran, Li Xunran, I didn’t expect you to fall. To be like this, in order to protect your own concubine, you can tell such a lie!”

“Don’t pay attention to her, and beat that kid…crippled!”

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