Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1701

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Chapter 1701

Zheng Ling smiled knowingly, “Grandma’s point is reasonable.”

Boye said again: “Also, Zheng Ling, after recovering from illness, go find something you like to do, people Living is not only the process of finding love, but also the realization of one’s self-worth. After you find something you like, you will have no extra energy to worry about. This is of great help to your condition.”

Zheng Ling nodded. There is a sense of epiphany.

At the door, Jacob turned and left silently.

Boye took Zheng Ling and visited her laboratory.

In the end, Zheng Ling was well-known for the cause of her illness, from hereditary internal factors to environmental triggers. From the neurotransmitter to its secretion principle. Then he gave Zheng Ling a comprehensive explanation of the treatment plan… Finally, he asked Zheng Ling, “Do you understand?”

Zheng Ling nodded, “I understand.”

Boye Chong focused on doing it. The grandfather of the experiment said: “Did you hear that? Zheng Ling can actually understand my principle?” The grandfather said: “Your grandson is a genius, can the apprentice he teaches be stupid?”

Boye proudly said: “Hanjue’s IQ is like me.”

Grandpa teased her, “That is. Blue is better than blue.” The two old men, like old urchins, teased each other.

Boye said, “My wife, stop your work and give me some biological preparations.” The grandfather looked at Cheng Ling in amazement, “Girl, have you finally figured it out? Are you willing to accept your grandma Boye’s treatment? The plan?”

Zheng Ling smiled and nodded.

Grandpa said: “Isn’t it better to think about it earlier? That way you can save a few days of sin.”


When she returned to her home from Grandma Boy’s courtyard house, Zheng Ling saw Yan Zheng and his wife sitting on the sofa, watching TV leisurely. But Jacob was busy in the kitchen.

“Big brother, why don’t you cook?”

Yan Zheng smirked when he saw Zheng Ling: “Sister, from now on, you will go out for a walk every day at the point of eating. In this way, the war master will feel bored and will rush to cook. “

Zheng Ling walked into the kitchen and saw her favorite delicacies on the operating table, she was so excited that she grabbed the eggplant and ate it.

Jacob looked at her with a smile. Turn on the faucet for her, “Come and wash your hands.”

Zheng Ling praised vaguely as she washed her hands : “Brother Jie, why are you cooking?”

Jacob said: “Because you didn’t eat well yesterday. I’m afraid to you are hungry and thin.”

Zheng Ling looked at her plump body and was a little worried, “My weight has grown in popularity. Are you not afraid that my weight will go up and down? Besides, Fengxian said that I am already in shape. It’s perfect. No need to grow.”

Jacob threw the spatula into the pot with a black face, “She looks like a pig, and won’t you let it grow?”

The eggplant in Zheng Ling’s mouth swallowed wholeheartedly. She smiled and said, “Is she okay too.”

Fengxian has a big skeleton, fleshy, and looks very sturdy, but she will not lose her charming woman.

Zheng Ling hugged Jacob and acted like a baby, “Don’t feed me like a pig. That’s ugly. We are fat and thin, so we are too uncoordinated to go out.”

Jacob thought for a while and said with a serious expression: “You can gain more weight.”

Zheng Ling nodded, “I see.” Then he walked outside with the dishes.

Jacob took down the vegetable bowl she was holding and said, “Don’t do it. Let Yan Zheng do it.”

Zheng Ling stuck out her tongue, “But I want to help you.”

Jacob hesitated….

In his worldview, girls are used to pet.

Zheng Ling said seriously: “I want to help you share the housework.”

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