Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1712

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Chapter 1712

Hear the words!

Li Xunran’s face suddenly faded, and at this time she couldn’t argue.

She kindly persuaded Mr. Li, but Mr. Li only regarded her words as a lie to protect Lin Fan.

And Lin Fan said before he came here, whether he tolerates it depends entirely on how well the family members do.

But at the moment, Old Man Li directly opened his mouth to break one of Lin Fan’s legs, then this couldn’t be tolerated.

And heard this!

A hideous smile appeared on Wang Gamei’s face!

His conspiracy has succeeded!
Li Xunran was swept out, and Lin Fan had to become a waste person immediately!

At that time, both Li Xunran and Lin Fan will become his pallet fish and let them be slaughtered!

They are dead!

And at this moment, all the masters of the Li family were Qi Qi approaching Lin Fan, with a strong murderous look on their faces!

He is obviously planning to completely solve Lin Fan!

“Grandpa, I beg you! You just believe me this time!”

“This man, you really can’t afford it!”

Li Xunran cried and said, how could she watch Mr. Li step by step toward destruction?

And now!


Elder Li directly slapped Li Xunran and knocked her to the ground.

At the same time, he said in disgust:

“Shut up! You bitch!”

“I wasted years of cultivation of you! Even now, you still want to keep your adulterer, my Li family’s face has been lost to you!”

Li Xunran fell to the ground, covering her face, she was completely stunned!

She never thought that one day Old Man Li would beat her!

However, what made her even more unacceptable than hitting her was the next harsh words of Old Man Li.

See here!

The second aunt’s family beamed with joy, and their eyes were full of smirking smiles.
Lin Fan looked at Li Xunran who fell to the ground, and the chill in his eyes grew stronger.

And at the corner of that mouth, a wicked smile appeared:

“It’s a pity that just now, your family missed the last opportunity to apologize to me!”

Upon hearing this, both the Li family and the Wang family were completely stunned!

Apologize to Lin Fan?

Didn’t they make a mistake?

This guy, do you know what you’re talking about?

Do they need to apologize to Lin Fan?

It is this dumb fool, should I apologize to them, right?

At the moment, they were all furious, and they cast murderous glances at Lin Fan one after another.

A look like he can’t wait to smash Lin Fan into pieces!

This guy is dying, and he even provokes the two of them!

“Boy, I think you are mad, right? You have to be disabled right away, and still expect us to apologize?”

The second aunt laughed meanly. , Staring at Lin Fan with a look of contempt:

“Don’t worry, after we crippled you, we will definitely apologize to you!”

And then!

A group of masters are already within walking distance of Lin Fan!

Faced with these masters, Lin Fan is still calm and calm, the smile on his face keeps increasing, and he doesn’t seem to be afraid at all.

This reaction stunned Wang Gamei and others.

Is this guy brave, or is he not bright in his head?

Death is approaching, so you can still laugh?

However, just when the masters of the Li family were ready to take action!

The housekeeper of the Li family ran in from the door quickly and said in a panic:

“Patriarch, Zhang Bu is here!” Zhang Jianjun?

Everyone suddenly changed their expressions!

Why did he come suddenly?

Old man Li frowned suddenly, and then said:

“Please come in!”

Then, his cold eyes swept Lin Lin. Everyone glanced at:

“I’ll take care of you in a while!”

Not long after, Zhang Jianjun walked in, and seeing his appearance, both Father Li and Patriarch Wang were quick Step greeted up.

Both of them have flattering smiles on their faces:

“Zhang Bu is coming here, there is a loss to welcome!”

But Zhang Jianjun did nothing. Pushing the two of them away, the meteor came straight to Lin Fan, and then under the horrified eyes of everyone, he bowed deeply to Lin Fan:

“Mr. Lin, I am coming. It’s late!”

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