Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1713

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Chapter 1713


The audience fell into a dead silence!

Everyone is petrified in an instant!

It was as if the mute switch was turned on, completely silent.

Zhang Jianjun’s sudden respect broke the whole situation.

So many people in the two families were stunned and couldn’t believe their eyes.

This…what is going on?

They, is this dazzling?

Zhang Jianjun, who has to be treated respectfully to both of them, is actually saluting this trash?

“Mr. Lin, I’m late!”

When these words resounded throughout the Li family hall, all the voices disappeared, and everyone was distraught and died Staring at Zhang Jianjun who was bowing and saluting, he felt an illusion!

What did they see?

Zhang Jianjun, who is in full control, is actually bowing to a son-in-law in front of everyone?

Elder Li and the others, the eyes are about to stare out, this scene is so incredible to them.

“This… didn’t you mean that he is a little white face eating soft rice?”

The members of the Wang family realized that something was wrong, and cast an angry look at Wang Boyi.

Which little white face can make such a big thing nod and bow?

You are just talking nonsense!

At this moment, Wang Gamei also felt his heart pounding wildly, and a deep anxiety suddenly emerged in his heart.

It shouldn’t be like this!
He knows Lin Fan clearly, he is indeed a son-in-law!

More than them!

Even Father Li and a group of Li family members are already dumbfounded at this time.

Is this kid in front of me so big and promising?

No wonder Li Xunran said that they can’t provoke this man!

Judging from the current situation, it is really possible that their Li family can’t afford to offend this man.

At this moment, the atmosphere completely solidified!

The faces of the two families were all dead, looking at Lin Fan in horror. At this time, they were already scared to pee.

What the hell is going on here!

And Lin Fan glanced at Zhang Jianjun, but sneered:

“You want to give way to the side, but the Wang family and the Li family said they want to kill me, don’t you I have delayed others!”

Hearing the words!

Old man Li and others’ hearts sank suddenly, and their bodies trembled fiercely.

Why can’t he hears the sarcasm and mockery of Lin Fan’s words?


Zhang Jianjun turned around and smiled gloomily:

“Then I want to see who it is I don’t know how high the sky is, even Mr. Lin dare to offend!”

Hear this!

The two families are almost paralyzed by fright.

At Zhang Jianjun, he squeezed a smile that was worse than crying.

Now, don’t they dare to give them ten courage?

And Wang’s face is also pale, all expressions are full of deep anxiety!



Especially the people who have just humiliated Lin Fan, at this moment, they have a sense of imminent disaster. They know that they are going to die soon.

“What are you still doing, do you?”

Lin Fan looked at Old Man Li with a smile, looking very impatient.

But there was a touch of extreme contempt on his face.

At this time, Mr. Li knew how stupid he was. The man in front of him was much better than he thought!

And what Li Xunran said, Lin Fan is better than Wang Gaming, but now it doesn’t seem to be a lie!

At least when Wang Gamei faced Zhang Jianjun, he had to bow down respectfully and shout for Zhang Bu.

Now, he said that he would break Lin Fan’s leg, and even swept Li Xunran out of the house, which completely offended Lin Fan to death.

It is very likely that he will miss an extremely good grandson-in-law!


Elder Li’s intestines are about to be regretful, and he stares at Lin Fan extremely unwillingly:

“Who are you?”

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