Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1714

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Chapter 1714

Old man Li just finished speaking!
Everyone stared at Lin Fan.

At this time, they are all the same as Mr. Li, desperate to know who Lin Fan is.

Hear the words!

Lin Fan smiled slightly and said:

“My name is Lin Fan, but if you like, you can also call me the genius Doctor Lin!”

When the three words of genius doctor Lin blurted out, the whole Li family was already paralyzed by fright!

Everyone’s eyes were filled with deep shock and horror!

The genius doctor Lin!

This guy turned out to be the famous doctor Lin, the cutting-edge chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals?

Are they dreaming?

How could the genius doctor Lin be so young?

He was only in his twenties, and he was the number one leader in the pharmaceutical industry. How could this be so special?

Everyone even feels dizzy at this moment!

He was completely shocked by the scene before me!

While Wang Gamei thumped, he just paralyzed on the ground. The man in front of him was the genius doctor Lin?

To know!

For leading state-owned enterprises such as Washington Pharmaceuticals, the position of chairman of the board of directors must be determined within the highest level, and Lin Fan can sit in this position in his twenties, which is enough The guy has a big background!

And he, dare to rob women with such an existence?
It is not just Wang Game!

Everyone in the room also knew this, so they were shocked!

Offending such an existence is a disaster for them is a hundred times better than Wang Game!

In their minds, what Li Xunran said just now appeared.

But just now, they all sneered at Li Xunran’s words as a big joke.

Until this moment, they were finally slapped in the face!


This is more than that!

Just when everyone was shocked inexplicably, there was a dense sound of footsteps outside the door.

Then a group of soldiers walked in quickly, carrying large and small bags in their hands.

This scene stunned everyone present!

“You are…”

Old man Li couldn’t help looking at these people in doubt, and after seeing the service of these people clearly, his expression changed.

“The man from Longya?”

Everyone was completely stunned!

Longya and their Li family have never met. How could they come to their Li family, or even come here to give them gifts?

They can follow closely, and Xu Longxiang led many high-level dragons to walk in, and when he saw Mr. Li, he took the initiative to shake hands:

“President Li, don’t Come without any problems!”

Old man Li is dumbfounded!

There is no intersection between him and Xu Longxiang. In that case, why would Xu Longxiang be so polite to him?

He, is this dreaming?

However, Xu Longxiang shook Old Man Li’s hand again and said with a smile on his face:

“From now on, you Li family and my Longya, you can move around more often”

Longya actually throws an olive branch on their Li family?

Listen to Xu Longxiang’s meaning, this is to make good friends with their Li family!

But how could this be possible? Although their Li family had a great career in the imperial capital, they were at best a businessman, a so-called citizen.

But Longya is a veritable official!

How could they look at their Li family?

What the hell is going on?

All the Li family members were completely confused at this time.

However, right now!

Xu Longxiang turned his head and looked at Lin Fan:

“Mr. Lin, you explain what I have prepared, I have already prepared it, please check it out!”


Everyone was suddenly shocked looked at Lin Fan with extreme trepidation.

Is it because of this kid again?

Xu Longxiang is so polite to them, not because of the Li family, but because of Lin Fan’s face?

Oh my god!
What kind of background does this kid have that can make a regiment like Longya so humble to please, this is simply a dream!

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