Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1715

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Chapter 1715

And just now!

Lin Fan said with a cold face:

“No, the Li family is rich and wealthy, so I don’t like our gifts!”


Upon hearing this, Xu Longxiang frowned, and then he stared sharply at Old Man Li in front of him.

In this regard, Mr. Li can only smile in embarrassment, only to feel ashamed to lose his home.

At this time, he doesn’t even dare to take a breath!


Xu Longxiang coldly snorted, and immediately threw away Old Man Li’s hand.

The smile on his face disappeared instantly, and the speed of turning his face was simply breathtaking.

“What kind of thing is your Li family, Mr. Lin gave a gift. That is the blessing you have cultivated in your eight lifetimes. It is a shameless dog thing!”

Xu Longxiang is extremely humiliating swearing.

Then directly ignored the other party, walked towards Lin Fan, and said angrily:

“Mr. Lin, do you need our Longya to teach you these people who don’t know the heights of the earth?”

Hear the words!

The Li family present suddenly stood up and looked at Lin Fan in horror.

Longya is the Huaxia Legion, how can you say that you just do it?

But now for Lin Fan’s selfish desires, are you going to shoot them?

This, this is for personal gain!

Xu Longxiang is ignoring the discipline of the army!

Oh my god!

What terrifying identity does this man have, and he deserves Xu Long to be treated like this?

But Lin Fan waved his hand and sneered:

“Don’t worry, the show is just about to begin!”

He wants this the two families are completely desperate!

And hearing this, the two families suddenly looked horrified.

The show has just begun?

What does this mean?

Is it possible that there are still big people coming?

This Jianjun and Xu Long Elephant is enough for them to drink a pot. If we add another one, the two of them will not be able to stand the heart. Up.

They want to shout loudly:

Daxian, please receive magical powers, right?

And at this moment, a roar resounded instantly!

“Kill him, can’t let him leave here alive!”

Everyone was shocked and turned their heads, but they saw that the speaker turned out to be Wang Bo Yi!

“Wang Bo Yi, are you crazy? Now, it is unexpected You dare to talk nonsense, shut up!”
The Patriarch Wang roared, almost urinating in shock.

Haven’t you seen the identity of the other person?

Kill him?

He killed us almost!

“Wang Gamei, are you not bad enough for us? Offended such existence, so far don’t repent?”

“I think you are the one who should be swept out!”

The Wang family were all angry and shouted at Wang Boyi.

This reaction was like the Li family’s hatred towards Li Xunran, and it felt that Wang Gamei was dragged down.

It’s just!

Wang Gamei was not angry, but stared at Lin Fan bitterly, and said sternly:

“I know I was wrong but now is not the time to hold someone accountable. This man cannot stay, otherwise our Wang family will not end well, and he will not let us go.”

Huh? smell That said, the royal family stopped verbalizing, and all frowned, looking worried.

Obviously Wang Gamei’s words reminded them.

They have offended Lin Fan, and even want to take Lin Fan’s life, this man is afraid that they will not let go of their royal family anyway.

But killing Lin Fan here is too risky!

After all, behind Lin Fan, there is Xu Longxiang sitting behind him.

“Asshole, you dare to say murder in front of Mr. Xu, I think you are crazy?”

Wang Boyi’s father pretended to be angry and said, in fact, he was asking Wang Boyi if he could solve the trouble of Xu Longxiang.

Obviously, he was already tempted and planned to kill Lin Fan to avoid future troubles.

His subtext, naturally, can’t hide from Lin Fan and other wise people like a demon.

Lin Fan, Zhang Jianjun and the others all sneered and cursed the old fox secretly.

And after hearing it!

Wang Boyi smiled sternly and said wildly:

“What about Xu Lao, before I came here, I was My master was brought in to oppose today’s emergencies.”


As soon as this statement came out, everyone was stunned, and there was a deep shock in their eyes. .

They knew that Wang Boyi really had a murderous heart against Lin Fan!

His master is a famous master!

of the immortal level People!

If you really want to kill people here, even if Lin Fan is backed by Xu Longxiang’s troops, there is only one dead end.

“Dad, it’s up to you! If this person is not removed, my Li family will have no good life in the future!”

Upon hearing this, the Wang family’s brow furrowed, and his face turned Indifferent:

“Clean hands and feet!”

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