Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1706

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Chapter 1706

“Daddy hugs.”

Zhan Su ran over and hugged him tightly.

Jacob patted Zhan Su’s head, and said softly: “It’s taller again.”

Susu wanted to know Mommy’s situation urgently, “How is Mommy?”

Jacob said: “Very good. She can’t wait to return to the emperor to see you.”

Zhan Su didn’t see Mommy, thinking that Mommy and Daddy were always inseparable, and some of the words of worry about Daddy were comforting him. Reluctantly pursued: “Then why didn’t she come back?”

Jacob said: “Daddy won’t let it.”

Jason was relieved.

It turned out that Daddy was hiding his mind to protect Mommy.

“Is she fat?”

“Is she fat?” “

Can you walk?”

“Can run, jump… and laugh.”

Jason’s cold face spread a bright smile. “Daddy, you are great.”

The conversation between father and son was heard by everyone else.

Knowing that Irene is in good condition, everyone’s heart fell into a big stone.

Jacob asked Susu in turn, “Tell me, where are the other sisters?”

Zhan Su showed an expression of indescribable expression.

“It’s not easy to manage.”

Jacob said: “Have you stumped?”

Zhan Su said: “That’s not true .” “Let’s listen.”

Zhan Su said in detail: “Sisters just merged into the metropolis Life and behavior is unusual. Everywhere you go, you will attract the attention of others. The evil spirit is too heavy.”

Jacob said: “Is there any more?”

“I don’t like to study. I am not subject to the teacher’s supervision.”

Jacob frowned, ” School is about to start in more than ten days. They must be taught to be ordinary people before school starts. Citizen.”

“Where’s Derek?”

“Too ostentatious.”

Jacob pursed his lips and smiled. Derek’s child may not be really ostentatious, but he has a face full of evil spirits and likes to laugh at others. Who can resist his charm?

“Where is Faith?”

“Hanging his head over the beam and piercing the strands, ready to be the second Buffett.” Zhan Su smiled.

Jacob: “…”

“What excites you?” Jacob still doesn’t understand his daughter’s character? Faith, like Zheng Ling, was born for love, as long as there is no sense of danger, he will always be content with the status quo.

Zhan Suo said: “I said a few words to her.”

Jacob was slightly taken aback. Brothers and sisters have a good relationship, and Susu will definitely say it very seriously, and it will have an immediate effect.

“Yeah.” Jacob acquiesced in Susu’s discipline to Faith.

He believes that the silence of the young and old is better than him in disciplining his younger sister.

Because he had to take into account Zheng Ling’s feelings, she didn’t dare to be too harsh on Faith.

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