Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1707

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Chapter 1707

The old lady Zhan hobbled to the front of Lord Zhan Han. Grandparents and grandchildren are deeply affectionate, and a reunion after parting is very precious to people who are aging like the old man.

“Juer, let’s go back to the Tourmaline Manor tonight. Our grandchildren can also have a good chat.”

Jacob nodded, “Yes, grandpa.”

Jacob said to Zhan Su again: “Daddy also wants Derek. They are, Susu, arrange for them to come and meet me.”

Zhan Suo nodded, “Okay.”

In this way, Jacob returned to the tourmaline manor.

That night, Grandpa Yu, Grandpa Zhan, and grandparents of Jacob were sitting in the breezy courtyard, drinking tea and chatting.

Grandpa Zhan cared about Zheng Ling, “Is Zheng Ling’s disease cured?” When Jacob mentioned Zheng Ling, a gentle smile appeared on Jun’s face. He couldn’t hide the proud expression of Zheng Ling in his eyebrows. He smiled and said: “Cheng Ling is very strong and optimistic. She is also very kind. So after leaving the imperial capital, she did not choose to live in hostility and resentment, but bravely face the challenges of disease every day. Fortunately, God cares for us and let she is getting better every day.”

Grandpa Yu was relieved. “She gets better, so I don’t feel so guilty in my heart.”

Grandpa Zhan stared at Lord Zhan Han, he knew his grandson. He is not a person who easily confuses others, he always faces all the hardships of life calmly. But he knew that Jacob and Irene must have had a very hard time.

“You are thin.” Old lady Zhan said distressedly: “You don’t like to complain, but I know you have a hard time. You have always been a very self-disciplined person, regardless of your lifestyle or your weight. But you are so thin now. , I knew you had a bad time.”

After Grandpa Zhan reminded him, Grandpa Yu knew that he had brought many invisible wounds to Jacob and his wife. Grandpa Yu’s relaxed heart tightened again, feeling very guilty: “Juer, its all grandpas’ fault. Didn’t stop your mother from embarrassing her in time.”

Jacob said: “It’s all over.”

However, thinking of Zheng Ling. With the idea of returning to the imperial capital, Jacob felt that some of his inherent sluggish thinking must be changed; otherwise he could not guarantee that Zheng Ling would not be hurt again.

Jacob cleared his throat and his expression became unusually serious, “Grandpa, I hope you and mother can understand that Zheng Ling is not only my wife, but also my living faith and the source of strength for struggle. She is good my home will be as strong as a high-rise building. If she is not good, my home will collapse. I am a man, how can I allow my home to collapse? If you can’t accept Zheng Ling, I’m sorry I can only stay away from you. “

Old Mrs. Yu said sadly: “Don’t worry. After these things, grandpa has gotten the reward he deserves. All the daughters-in-law of the Yu family ran away from home, and all the children and grandchildren of the Yu family don’t recognize me. This is my favorite daughter. The retribution of the light daughter-in-law.”

Grandpa Yu had tears in her eyes and raised her hand to wipe away her tears.

Jacob guessed that Susu Hanbao had already troubled the Yu family. Jacob can understand the children’s feelings too much. After all, at the beginning, after he learned that Zheng Ling was thin and depressed, he also had an impulse to destroy the Yu family regardless of his relationship.

Fortunately, he finally controlled his impulse with strong willpower.

“Grandpa, regardless of whether the Yu family’s daughter-in-law returns, in fact, as long as they live well outside, Grandpa doesn’t have to force it.” Jacob comforted.

Jacob is selfish, because he doesn’t want Zheng Ling to return to Yu’s house.

Grandpa Yu was hit hard, “If Qingqing does not return, Yu Sheng will become taciturn and depressed. If Zheng Ling does not return, you are not willing to return to Yu’s house. If Zheng Yu does not return, my great-grandson will be out of the house, and he will live out. Unwilling to start a family.”

Mrs. Zhan said: “In my opinion, Chief Yu, if you want to solve the disintegration of the Yu family, Zheng Ling is the key. If Zheng Ling comes back and accepts the Yu family, then her sister Zheng Yu will not be against the Yu family. With a grudge. Zhengyu returned to the Yu’s house. Mrs. Yu loved her little great-grandson and will return to the Yu’s house too.”

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