Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1716

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Chapter 1716


Listen At this point, there was a commotion in the crowd, and everyone was in an uproar.
Is the Wang family planning to kill Lin Fan?

This move made everyone in both families very excited, because they all knew that they had offended Lin Fan so much. If they didn’t kill Lin Fan, they would definitely have no good life.

And then!

Wang Gamei stared at Lin Fan gloomily, and said fiercely:

“Lin Fan, even if you have a day What about the big background? In the face of absolute power, your background and status will not work anymore, you are dead, hahaha! “

Hear the words everyone also sneered in heart.

Indeed, even if Lin Fan has a huge background, he is only an ant in front of the great master, a dead end!

This guy is done!

“Boy, tell your last words, otherwise you won’t have a chance!”

Wang Gamei laughed wildly, looking like Lin Fan was determined.

And at this time, Lin Fan hadn’t spoken yet, Zhang Jianjun and Xu Longxiang looked at each other, and then laughed unanimously.

“If your royal family dared to attack Mr. Lin, then today is the last day of your existence.”

Just!the royal family treats them. Threats, turn a blind eye.

Wang Gamei gave Zhang Jianjun a contemptuous look, then grinned and said:

“Two, I don’t want to hurt the innocent by mistake, so I hope you don’t get involved, or you will be at your own risk!”

“You can’t hurt anyone, because you are a worthless waste!”
Lin Fan sneered, his face still full of contempt.


As soon as the voice fell, Wang Gamei was completely blown up.

He has eaten Lin Fan now, but this guy dare to look down on him?

“Okay, then I will let you see if Wang Gamei is a waste!”

The killing intent in Wang Gamei’s heart was unprecedentedly high, and then he roared:

“Two masters, please do it!”

The voice fell, everyone became nervous, and their horrified eyes looked around.

And at this moment, there were two more figures in the field at an unknown time!

Everyone knows that Wang Boyi met two great masters in his childhood, saying that he was a rare martial arts wizard in a century, so he made an exception and accepted him as a disciple.

One great master is enough for Lin Fan to drink a pot, two?

Lin Fan can’t escape with wings!

Xu Longxiang can’t keep him!

At the moment, everyone sneered.

And Mr. Li, who was on the side, was also relieved.

Although Lin Fan has a great background, he is about to become a dead person, and Wang Boyi will kill him, and he will have nothing to do with his family when he is investigated.

The two great masters were striding forward towards Lin Fan.

There is an extremely amazing aura!

People just stand next to them, and they can’t help feeling that their livers are broken.
It’s like two scourges!

And this moment!

Wang Gamei and others all smiled, gloating at the scene before them, as if Lin Fan nowadays is a dead person in their eyes!


Two great masters are coming step by step!

Seeing this scene, Li Xunran also panicked, and said to Lin Fan:

“Lin Fan, should you go? I don’t want your help anymore!” Although you know Lin Fan’s strength, with one enemy and two, you are afraid that you will lose the wind?


Lin Fan laughed:

“Didn’t you tell me to send the Buddha to the west?”

Lin Fan’s remarks made everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then burst into laughter crazily.

Send the Buddha to the west?

“I’m afraid that in a while, you are going to return to the West, right?”

“Two masters, I have changed my mind, don’t let him die too happy, I want you to torture him to death slowly!”


The two great masters who heard this did not reply.

Under the unbelievable gaze of everyone, he suddenly knelt down towards Lin Fan, and then shouted in unison:

“King! We are here too!”

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