Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1714

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Chapter 1714


Irene made a silent gesture to them, too late to explain to them why she was here, but eagerly said: “Your father wants to go back to nothing. Worry Garden. You two help me lead the others away.”

Zhan Su stepped forward, helped Daddy, and said: “Mommy, I will help you.”

Derek walked outside, “I’ll lead other people away. “

Zheng Ling led Jacob to the backyard of Xiangding Garden, where Zheng Ling’s car was parked. Putting Jacob into the car cautiously, Jason sat in the driver’s seat, “I will drive you back.”

Zheng Ling sat in the back seat next to Jacob.

Jacob leaned his head on Zhengling’s shoulder, coughing violently from time to time.

When he returned to the Worry-Free Garden, Zhan Su helped Daddy onto the bed, and couldn’t wait to say goodbye to Daddy and Mommy, “I’ll go back to the tourmaline first. I’m afraid the Tourmaline Manor has already been upset by this time. Mommy… “

Jason walked to Zheng Ling and gave a gentle hug,” Mommy, welcome you home.”

Zheng Ling smiled brightly, “Susu, explain to Grandpa.”


Jason left. Later, Jacob and Zheng Ling looked at each other.

Jacob opened his arms and said, “Come and hug me.”

Zheng Ling walked over, hugged him lightly, and said sentimentally: “You should be sick too.”

This disease of Jacob gave Zheng Ling a lot of panic. And sentiment.

She knew that Jacob was only a mortal, and that a mortal body would also be born, old, sick, and die. Although knowing that this is a law that everyone can’t escape, Zheng Ling felt terrified when it happened to Lord Zhan Han. But these fears could not defeat her. On the contrary, Zheng Ling is stronger. She has to stand up bravely and become extremely strong in order to protect the people she loves.

Jacob smiled and said: “Fool, I have slowly become senile. Of course I will get sick.”

“You are not old.” Zheng Ling cried in denial.

Jacob patted her thin back, “Okay, I’m not old.”

He didn’t really think that he was old, but he wanted Zheng Ling to realize that the time for the rest of their lives was limited and infinitely precious. He hopes she will accompany him more.

Unexpectedly, Zheng Ling was so resistant to his aging…

“Brother Jie, take a good rest.” Zheng Ling let go of him, and carefully helped him to bed.

Although Jacob’s condition worsened, he was in a bright mood after seeing Zheng Ling, so his spirit was okay.

Zheng Ling saw his blushing cheeks and touched his forehead. The hot forehead made Zheng Ling frowned.

“You have a fever?”

Jacob said: “It’s okay. Repeatedly. After the inflammation disappeared, I retreated.”

Zheng Ling looked at Jacob who was indifferent to his condition, her face became serious.

“I have to think about reducing your fever.”

“Then take a shower.” Jacob smiled evilly.

Zheng Ling criticized him with a stern face, “You are all sick, give me some relief.”

However, bathing is a good way to reduce fever physically.

Finally, Zheng Ling called a basin of warm water, moistened the towel and gently wiped Jacob’s face, hands…

Her movements were very gentle, as if she were touching her most beloved treasure. .

Jacob looked at her quietly, filled with happiness and sweet warmth.

He has many relatives, but only Cheng Ling will take care of him personally after he is sick.

In front of Zheng Ling, even if he was sick, he felt happy.

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