Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1715

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Chapter 1715

At night, Jacob changed his clingy attribute during the day and coaxed Zheng Ling with good words: “I cough at night, which will affect your rest. Zheng Ling, go next door. Let’s rest in the bedroom.

Zheng Ling shook her head and refused decisively, No, just because you are a patient, I can’t leave you here alone.

Jacob used his assassin good. Obedient. Waiting for you to wake up tomorrow. , I’ll be alive and well.”

If before, the scales of Zheng Ling’s whole body were exploded, this sentence would also make her docile.

But now, Zheng Ling squeezed a bright smile at him. However, the tone was unprecedentedly tough when he spoke, “No. I will sleep with you.”

After speaking, Zheng Ling jumped onto the bed and lay down beside him without even taking off her clothes.

Jacob sat up in a panic, staring at Zheng Ling blankly.

If he had known that he would not be able to deal with the trouble at night, he shouldn’t be begging to go back to the worry-free garden with her.

“Zhengling, your body’s immunity is weak, you will be infected if you are so close to me.” Jacob said sharply.

Zheng Ling suddenly leaned forward, trying to stop his nagging with her mouth.

Jacob was so frightened that Yingtong suddenly shrank, and quickly covered his mouth with his hand. Zheng Ling kissed the back of his hand.

“Zhengling, I can’t sleep when you are here.” He chattered endlessly.

“When did you talk so much?”

Zheng Ling finished speaking, closing her eyes deliberately, and deliberately snoring one after another. The snoring is thunderous.

Jacob couldn’t laugh or cry.

He picked up the mask on the bedside table and put on two layers of medical surgical masks. Then lay down next to Zheng Ling.

Seeing that she didn’t push him anymore, Zheng Ling secretly opened her eyes and looked at him. But she found that Jacob looked at her for an instant. A trace of helpless frustration shrouded the handsome face.

However, seeing that he was wearing two masks, his breathing sounds were thicker because of respiratory diseases. Zheng Ling disarmed and surrendered, “Alright, alright. I’ll talk to you for a while and I’ll be over. It’s always okay?”

Jacob was relieved.

Those sharp and cold eagle eyes were filled with a petting smile, and his heart softened to a mess.

Zheng Ling still liked to cling to him so much when he was sick, which made him very touched.

This kind of sight reminded him of when he was still A Yue in a fishing village. He had a rash all over his body due to allergies. The ignorant fishermen thought he had a disease that was not visible and therefore alienated him. At that time, Qiulian didn’t dare to approach her either.

But when Zheng Ling saw his rash, her first reaction was not to alienate him, but to hold his hand and check the symptoms repeatedly. She completely ignored the potential harm of this unknown disease to her.

Zheng Ling’s care for him is both trusting and selfless.

Suddenly he couldn’t hold back, he stretched out his hand and gently stroked Cheng Ling’s cheek, with a gentle smile in his eyes. Sighed: “Zhengling, the most proud thing I have done in my life is probably to marry you.”

Zhengling smiled happily. But naughty and owed: “Oh, I blamed me for being fooled by you. Otherwise, I can have more love affairs.”

Jacob’s smile condensed… his voice was extremely frozen. “Are you itchy?”

Zheng Ling looked at Jacob, “Are you willing to beat me?”


Jacob suddenly asked seriously: “Zheng Ling, have you ever regretted being with me?”

Zheng Ling pretended to be thinking. “Let me think about it.”

Jacob was sullen, “Irene…

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