Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1724

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Chapter 1724

And now!

Lin Fan and Li Xunran just walked out of Li’s house, but Li Xunran’s cell phone rang.

The moment Li Xunran got on the phone, Huarong turned pale and screamed:

“What did you say? Master was kidnapped?”


Lin Fan frowned upon hearing this.

Who is so brave, but kidnapped the God of Medicine of China?

“Okay, I’ll come right now!”

Li Xunran hung up the phone and looked at Lin Fan anxiously, but Lin Fan spoke first before speaking. .

“Needless to say, get in the car first!”

Then, the two went to the location of the incident together.

In the car, Li Xunran told Lin Fan that Yao Lao was kidnapped on the road about half an hour ago.

At that time, she was discussing further cooperation with Bai Yi. Fortunately, Bai Yi was not hijacked.

After arriving at the scene, Lin Fan saw Bai Yi sitting on the side of the road, looking terrified, and there was still fear in his eyes.

Lin Fan suddenly walked over nervously and helped her up:

“Wife, are you okay?”

Bai Yi saw Lin Fanhe Li Xunran appeared at the same time, feeling a little uncomfortable.

But knowing that it’s not the time to entangle this matter, she shook her head:

“I’m fine, but Mr. Yao was taken away. They still said when the old man Yao comes back, let the genius doctor Lin redeem it himself!”


Li Xunran and Lin Fan frowned at the same time, and they seemed a little weird.

The kidnappers kidnapped, not for money, but to see the genius doctor Lin?

Such a strange request!

Lin Fan didn’t expect that the other party would come directly at him.

But obviously the other party still doesn’t know his identity, otherwise Bai Yi should be kidnapped, not Yao is old.

“Lin Fan, save my master! You save my master!”

Li Xunran grabbed Lin Fan’s hand and begged Lin Fan.

Lin Fan nodded and said:

“Don’t worry, I won’t let the elderly have trouble!”

But at this time, Lin Fan saw that Bai Yi’s face was already red, swollen and bruised.

At the moment, his eyes shrank fiercely, and a fierce killing intent burst into his eyes instantly.

“Who hurt you?”

Bai Yi shook her head and smiled bitterly:

“I’m fine, now the most important thing is to save Yao Lao!”

Lin Fan quickly called and asked Xu Longxiang and others to help find Yao Lao’s place.

And at this time, the Lin family also received the news.

“Dad, Mr. Yao has been kidnapped, and there is no news yet!”

Lin Zhanhuan said in a happy mood, because he also knew Mr. Yao was trying his best to help Lin where they reached a cooperation with Washington Pharmaceuticals.

Has been kidnapped now, which is naturally a good thing for them.

“When did it happen?”

Lin Hongtu was also a little surprised. Who is so courageous to grasp the existence of medicine like this?

Are you looking for death?

“Just now, they heard that the kidnappers wanted Lin’s genius doctor to redeem himself. This is interesting.”

Lin Zhanli laughed.

Lin Hongtu’s expression suddenly became cloudy, but then suddenly he slapped the table and said loudly:

“Go, let’s go to save Yao Lao now?”


Lin Zhanli thought he had heard it wrong, and asked in disbelief:

“Dad, what are you talking about? That hometown cooperated with Lin Fan and the others. It was clear that they were not dealing with us. Why should we save him?”

“You don’t understand, Yao Lao was kidnapped, we Save him, that’s his lifesaver. We asked him to cancel the cooperation with Lin Fan. Will he dare to refuse?”

Lin Hongtu coldly snorted, with a sinister smile on his face:
“And we can also take the opportunity to get to know the great doctor Lin, kill two birds with one stone, why not do it?”

“High, it is high!”

Lin Zhan Fei gave Lin Hongtu a thumbs up, and said with a smirk:

“This time, Lin Fan’s cooperation has completely ruined!”

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