Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1780

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Chapter 1780

Fengxian saw her running up and down, and shouted anxiously, “Zhengzheng, you are coming soon.”

Yan Zheng was still sitting on the sofa in the living room downstairs, playing with her mobile phone. Hearing Fengxian’s anxious cry, he left and ran up.

Cassandra’s bedroom door was locked at some time, and Zheng Ling couldn’t open it no matter how she slapped it.

“Zhengling, what are you doing?” Yan Zheng asked.

Fengxian said angrily: “Big Brother and Zhu Ma are having an affair inside.”

Yan Zheng’s head exploded when he heard the words.

Zheng Ling was like a madman, her thin body slammed on the door over and over again. Yan Zheng roared: “What are you doing? Being a scumbag. Is it worth it?”

Zheng Ling was full of heart and only wanted to save Jacob. In her eyes, Jacob was not a scumbag.

Inside the house.

Jacob’s consciousness has become confused, and what is even more frightening is that Liangqinghuan and this sandalwood medicinal effect have a chemical reaction in the body, causing him to appear extremely weak, dizzy and nauseous.

But in the face of Zheng Ling’s request, he was unwilling to refuse.

“Cheng Ling…” he whispered.

Zhuma gritted her teeth and gave herself to Lord Zhan Han.

But as soon as she got close to Lord Han, she was pushed away by Lord Zhan, “Go away, you are not Ying Ling.”

Zhuma gritted her teeth, “Yes, I am not Ying Ling, but I am Zhuma who loves you.”

Jacob collapsed directly to the ground after a thin accumulation of hair.

Zhuma rushed forward, “Big Brother Zhan, I love you. I’m sorry, I love you.”

“Go away, you stay away…” Lord Zhan broke out again, grabbing Zhuma’s hair and slamming aside. Smashed hard.

At this moment, he still maintains a sense of reason. He must defeat Juma in a fast and accurate way, otherwise he will do something that is sorry for Zheng Ling.

He heard Zheng Ling crying outside the door, and heard the unbearable voices of Yan Zheng scolding him.

He was very anxious, perhaps too anxious, and he began to vomit blood when he was anxious.

“Ah?” Zhuma was terrified, “Big Brother Zhan, what’s the matter with you?”

Cassandra slowly opened her eyes and saw Jue Zhan Han sitting on the ground with red blood on her mouth. Suddenly scared silly.

“Juer.” The door panel suddenly fell to the ground with a loud crash.

Zheng Ling saw that Jacob’s mouth was full of blood, and she felt that her legs would tremble on her knees.

She staggered and flew up, Jacob held Zheng Ling’s panicked face, and exhausted all her strength to say four words: “Zheng Ling, be strong.”

He didn’t know if he could survive this difficulty, then. In an instant he just felt that his body was hollowed out. He was so scared that he would not be able to survive, leaving Zhengling alone in the world. What should she do?

But he didn’t know, his words like a will completely frightened Zheng Ling.

Zheng Ling suddenly left him and ran outside.

When Jacob saw Zheng Ling’s reaction, the world in his eyes slowly became barren, and then he passed out completely.

The incident in Xiangdingyuan shocked the entire tourmaline manor.

The old lady Zhan sent Jacob to Huanya as quickly as possible.


In the case of Jacob unconscious and Zheng Ling disappeared.

The three old men, Mr. Zhan, Mrs. Yu, and Mrs. Yan, interrogated the source of today’s tragedy with incomparably grief and indignation.

Fengxian cried heartbreakingly, accusing Xiangdingyuan’s sins.

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