Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1781

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Chapter 1781

“It was her, Cassandra deliberately pretended to be sick, and asked her to come to Xiangdingyuan to see her. Then Zhu Ma and her eldest brother wanted to go wrong…by Zheng Ling Sister bumped into it. I don’t know how things turned out to be like this?” Fengxian said.

Grandpa Zhan didn’t believe that Lord Zhan Han would mess with Zhuma. His voice was trembling, “What are you talking about? Han Jue and Zhu Ma…This is impossible. I know how much Han Jue likes Zheng Ling, I know better than anyone.”

Although the old lady Yan also felt about this. Unbelievable. But the facts are here. He said sadly: “Brother Zhan, you also saw it. Your grandson cheated on Zhuma, Fengxian saw it with his own eyes. My family Zhengling must have seen their ugliness and will run away only when they are anxious and debilitated.”

Grandpa Zhan begged bitterly. Old Madam Yan said: “Seriously, don’t pretend about Han Jue until the truth of the matter is clear. Okay?”

Old Madam Yan thought for a while. Zhan Han Jue always cleans himself and loves himself. It really does not seem to be able to do this kind of thing. Scum man. He nodded heavily.

The old lady Zhan angrily said:”

Where is Zhuma? Bring this vixen over to me.” At this moment, Zhuma and Xiuhe were discussing countermeasures, and when someone called her, Xiuhe gave her a wary look.

Juma lowered her head and walked timidly in front of the old ladies. Grandpa Zhan angrily said: “Kneel to me. Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Zhuma knelt on the ground with a puff, crying with tears: “I and Brother Zhan are in love with each other, we have done something special with Sister Yan behind her back. The matter. Please punish me, the old lady.” The old lady Yan was very angry when he heard the words. “What are you talking about?”

Old lady Zhan would rather die than believe that Jacob would betray Zhengling. He stood up angrily and roared: “You lied. My Jue’er has obsessive-compulsive disorder. He told me that apart from Zheng Ling, no other woman is close to him.”

Zhuma said: “It’s true. I don’t have one. Lie to you. The last time I was in the hospital, Big Brother Zhan fell in love with me.”

The old lady Zhan also knew that the last time Cassandra fell ill, Jacob stayed in the hospital for six days and did not return. At this moment, he suddenly had no reason to stick to it.

Seeing Grandpa Zhan’s astonishment and shock, Zhuma was lucky. As long as he lied to the old lady, maybe the old lady would agree to betroth her to Lord Zhan Han.

Now that the situation is so chaotic, Irene is missing again. Perhaps the old lady Zhan would blame Irene for abandoning the Lord Jacob at this time, and ordered them to divorce in a fit of anger, and maybe she would be righted up.

But she never expected that Grandpa Zhan would treat Zhengling as a granddaughter. He furiously said: “You dare to hook up with Hanjue and do things that hurt Zheng Ling. My tourmaline manor can’t accommodate you. Go away?” Seeing the situation is not good, Xiuhe ran over to round the field for Juma. “Old lady, calm down your anger. I know that Zhuma did something wrong this time, but it is not the time to crusade her. The life and death of this Jacob is uncertain, and he needs the care of Zhuma and Zheng Ling most at this time. But Zheng Ling is missing. , If Hanjue wakes up and can’t see Zhengling or Juma, how desperate he should be.”

Old lady Zhan said angrily: “If he dares to have affection for women other than Zhengling, then he is not dead enough. Pity.”

Xiuhe was stunned.

Such a precious Jacob old lady Zhan said such a thing. One can imagine how important he is to Iren

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