Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1789

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Chapter 1789

“Dead waste, there is nothing to do with you here, get out of here!”

Wang Yanli said irritably, Lin Fan, this dog, dare to come and do him?

What a damn!

Li Yinsheng on the side also looked at Lin Fan with a sneer.

But Lin Fan ignored Wang Yanli, an idiot, and stared at Li Yinsheng:

“Say, how do you want to die?”

At this time, there is no need to talk nonsense, because Lin Fan is here to kill.

Seeing that Lin Fan was so domineering, Wang Yanli and Xu Yourong were immediately confused.

Especially Xu Yourong!

She stared at Lin Fan blankly, and thought to herself: This guy cares about herself so much, isn’t she in love with herself?

“Certain nonsense, you dare to talk to Shao Li like this? I immediately apologize to Shao Li!”

Wang Yanli screamed directly, glaring at Lin Fan, and at the same time turned her head to look towards Li Yinsheng:

“Shao Li, this fellow is a poor relative of our family. Our relationship is not very good, so it has nothing to do with us how you want to deal with him!”

“Mom, how can you say such a thing?”

Xu Yourong looked at Wang Yanli in disbelief, her mother was really frustrated.

But Lin Fan and Li Yinsheng ignored Xu Yourong and Wang Yanli at this time, and now they only see each other.

For a long time, Lin Fan said:

“Xu Yourong, take your mother away!”

“Go? Why should I go? What are you? What qualifications do you have to let me go?”

Wang Yanli yelled, her expression unhappy.

However, Xu Yourong was forcibly dragged out. Xu Yourong also realized that something was wrong. Lin Fan should know Li Yinsheng.

At this time, Li Yinsheng laughed:

“You are finally here!”


Lin Fan frowned and said:

“Do you know I will come?”

The other party was not afraid when he saw him. Lin Fan at this time, I have a bad premonition in my heart.

Li Yinsheng laughed and nodded:

“Lin Fan didn’t expect it, but you were a clever life, but you were confused for a while. During your stay here, our plan has been successful!”

The plan?

Lin Fan’s face suddenly sank:

“What plan?”

At this time, Xu Yourong and Wang Yanli were also completely stunned. Both of them were completely stunned. It’s in the clouds and mist.

“Hahaha, during your stay here, our goal has been achieved! The whole Jiang City, your people are dead!”

Li Yinsheng laughed wildly, staring at Lin Fan playfully.

“You too underestimate me, Lin Fan, right? I have arranged manpower by their side a long time ago. No matter how many people you go to, there is only one dead end!”

Lin Fan dismissed it with a smile.


Hearing this, Li Yinsheng laughed even louder, and said coldly:

“Then if I tell you, Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan will help us this time, you Can you still be so confident?”

Lin Fan’s expression changed rapidly!

The other party’s background is far more mysterious than he thought!


Lin Fan rushed out, and then strangled Li Yinsheng’s throat with one hand.

The line contained endless killing intent:

“You are playing with fire!”

But although Li Yinsheng’s expression was painful, he still sneered:
“Lin Fan, since I came here, I didn’t plan to leave alive. Do you know what a dead man is?”

The dead man is naturally swearing allegiance to his master. Li Yinsheng is appearing when he was here, he had already decided to sacrifice himself.

The voice just fell!

A group of people broke out in an instant, and rushed in quickly.

Then, he looked at Lin Fan with enthusiasm.

Feeling the murderous aura of these people, Xu Yourong’s mother and daughter tensed up, with an uneasy expression on their faces.

But Lin Fan still disdains:

“Do you think you can get me by finding these wastes? You are too despising me, Lin Fan, right?”

Li Yinsheng grinned and said:

“We know we can’t kill you, but our purpose is to delay time and stop you!”


Upon hearing this, Lin Fan was completely furious:

“You guys, damn it!”


Lin Fan broke Li Yinsheng’s throat just in an instant.

Realizing that he was being tricked, he was going crazy at this time.

And seeing Li Yinsheng being killed by Lin Fan on the spot, Wang Yanli was almost paralyzed with fright.

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