Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1788

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Chapter 1788

No matter how Xu Yourong resisted, Wang Yanli pushed and shoved him to the hotel box in the end.

Xu Yourong’s heart has always been anxious, always feeling that something is wrong.

“Ms. Xu Yourong, right? Come, come, come and sit down, this is a cocktail specially prepared for you!”
Li Yinsheng licked his lips and greeted Xu Yourong. He squinted his eyes and looked up and down at her. When he hit him, his eyes lit up when he saw Xu Yourong.

Really is a rare stunner!

“I’m sorry, Mr. Li… I don’t know how to drink…”

Xu Yourong retorted. She is not a fool. In this kind of place, she would definitely not drink. She can drink

“Oh, don’t pretend, don’t you even believe me? Mom can hurt you?”

Wang Yanli said, she pulled Xu Yourong full I drank a full glass of wine.

Xu Yourong frowned tightly. This was not right, neither the wine nor Wang Yanli’s reaction was right.

Xu Yourong took advantage of the free time when everyone was toasting to Li Wenzhao, and sent a text message asking for help to Lin Fan.

At this time, she can only rely on Lin Fan!

When seeing Xu Yourong drinking, Wang Yanli and Li Yinsheng exchanged glances, and both laughed maliciously.

Then, Wang Yanli used the toilet as an excuse to leave the box.

After a few more laps of drinking, Xu Yourong was a little groggy. She raised her head and asked:

“Mr. Li, it’s too early, look…”

Before Xu Yourong finished speaking, she was grabbed by Li Yinsheng,

“It’s late? Do you think you can escape when you get here? Your mother sold you a long time ago? Give it to me!”

Li Yinsheng said with an evil smile, pulling Xu Yourong’s hair and pulling her up.

Xu Yourong was in pain, opened her mouth slightly, and Li Yinsheng picked up the cup and poured it down.

Drinks and tears slipped from Xu Yourong’s white neck…

She finally realized that she had let her loved ones betrayed!

At this time, Wang Yanli was also happy, thinking that waiting for Xu Yourong and Li Yinsheng to cook mature rice for a while, Xu Yourong couldn’t even agree to it.

Next to a rich man like Li Yinsheng, the family will not worry about food and drink in the future, and walked to the toilet while thinking about Wang Yanli.

Unexpectedly, Wang Yanli happened to ran into Lin Fan who was coming from outside the door.

Wang Yanli glanced at Lin Fan in disgust, smashed him away and hurriedly went to the private room, thinking that this kid must have been called by the dead girl.

Lin Fan frowned slightly, Wang Yanli’s abnormal performance made his face sink?

Zhang Jianjun saw this scene not far away, and was caught by Lin Fan just as he wanted to catch up.

“Don’t act rashly, go and find out which box she went to and what she did!”


When Wang Yanli arrived, Xu Yourong has already cried and turned into tears, and the whole person is already groggy, and the sensations in his body are passing by…

“Mom! Please take me away, please! I beg you!”
Seeing Wang Yanli’s Xu Yourong opened her eyes as if she had touched a life-saving straw when she was about to sink into the bottom of the lake.

There were also a few more slap marks on her face, which was obviously a severe beating!

However, Xu Yourong never expected that Wang Yanli seemed to have not seen her, and smiled to please Li Yinsheng, the assailant:
“Hey, Mr. Li, if you are interested in Keqing, why bother to do it? Wouldn’t it be enough to tell me this kind of thing? I got her drunk, so you can do whatever you want. “

Xu Yourong was stunned, she couldn’t believe this was what her mother said.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

She pulled Wang Yanli’s arm hard and asked in disbelief.

Unexpectedly, Wang Yanli shook it away. Wang Yanli said to Xu Yourong with a cold face:

“What are you doing? Li always sees you as your blessing, don’t I don’t know what is good or bad!”

Xu Yourong’s tears poured out, this is her trusted mother!

“I want to go! Let me go!”

As soon as she finished her voice, she got up and rushed out

“Wang Yanli, I have already said it, today you are mine, don’t expect to run away!”

Li Yinsheng reached out and grabbed Xu Yourong’s coat, jokingly behind Xu Yourong.

But Xu Yourong went crazy. She took off her coat a few times, revealing the bottoming sweater inside, and rushed to the door

But Li Yinsheng had already followed quickly. Come up, a few steps away.

A few steps… She is only a few steps away from the door! Xu Yourong’s tears could not stop pouring down.

Just rushed into the arms of a person at the entrance of the private room, making her extremely relieved

“My grass, you damn girl! It hurts me to death!”
“Lin Fan, are you finally here?”

Lin Fan looked at Wang Yanli, who was covered with scars, and his eyes burst with cold light:
“Well, I am coming!”

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