Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1815

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Chapter 1815

Cassandra did not expect that when she fell into the dust, it was not her father, not her husband, or her brother who saved her, but the one who hurt her most. Ling.

The girl who looked weak and weak, when everyone was afraid to fight against Jacob, she rebelled against him and secretly redeemed her.

“Zhengling, my mother is sorry for you.” Cassandra said.

Tourmaline Manor, Love Moon Castle.

Jacob was sitting at the desk, holding a carbon pen, and carefully drawing pictures on white A4 paper.

Holding a plate of fruit pudding, Zheng Ling stood secretly behind him, watching his drawing.

“My brother looks so handsome when he works hard.” From time to time, Zheng Ling would make a nympholy voice.

Jacob curled his lips and the corners of his lips flew up.

“My elder brother paints so beautifully. He is not an art major, why can he paint so beautifully?”

Jacob was interrupted by her exclamation, stopped working, turned his head and looked at Zheng Ling dozingly.

Zheng Ling stuffed the pudding in her hand into her mouth.

MG Cold War elegant chewing pudding, nodded, “ah delicious..”

Zheng Ling pudding fruit plate placed on the desk, “you gave it.”

War Cold Jazz frowned: “No matter gallant, non-rape or theft Come on, what can I do for you?”

Zheng Ling smiled and said, “I want to go to play with Grandma Boye.”

Jacob refused very decisively, “No. Stay home with me.”

Zheng Ling’s eyes flowed. , Gu Pan brilliance. “Brother Jue, I’m going to send a wedding invitation to Grandma Boye.”

Jacob thought for a while, “Then I will accompany you.”

Zheng Ling pretended to think, “When will your ring be made? I can’t wait to ask you to propose to me!”

Jacob looked at the unfinished drawing and patted her on the head, “Okay.” I’m not going, let Fengxian go with you.”

Zheng Ling smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

Jacob looked at her suspiciously, “How do I feel that you don’t seem to want me to be with you?”

Zheng Ling Only then did she realize that she was a little overwhelmed with joy. Quickly hugged him and acted cutely, “You are an illusion. How could I not want you to accompany me? I just look forward to the moment when you propose to me. I think that must be my most memorable moment.”

Jacob points He touched the tip of her nose and said intimately: “Don’t worry, Brother Jie must give you the most distinctive marriage proposal.”

Zheng Ling smiled and nodded.

Then, Zheng Ling kissed Jacob goodbye and ran downstairs.

She did not ask Fengxian to go to Wuyou Garden with him. After all, there are many secrets in Wuyou Garden. Fengxian’s big mouth can’t hide the secrets. If Cassandra and Grandma Boye are leaked out, it will definitely cause a big wave.

Zheng Ling drove Jacob’s Rolls Royce to the Worry-Free Garden.

Grandma Boye and Grandpa were very happy to see Zheng Ling. The old grandpa joked and said: “Zhengling, why didn’t your brother Jie come with you today?”

Zhengling smiled and said: “Brother Jie is very busy these days.” The grandfather said: “Nonsense. I’m not yet. Know him? No matter how busy he is, he will have to accompany you. You deliberately dumped him.”

Zheng Ling smiled happily. Nod.

Grandpa curiously said: “Oh, I am curious, how did you successfully get rid of his dog skin plaster?”

Zheng Ling said proudly: “I have something to do for him. Keep him busy. Get up.”

“What did you find for him? Is there anything more important than being with his wife?” Boye said.

Zheng Ling raised the wedding invitation, “Brother Jie and I are getting married. Brother Jie is busy designing diamond rings, wedding dresses, and getting married.”

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