Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1836

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Chapter 1836

Wang Yanli touched her mobile phone and dialed Shen Yumei’s number.

As soon as the call was connected, Wang Yanli couldn’t wait to say:

“Yomei, I’m telling you an explosive news.”

Shen Yumei said to Wang Yanli. My family has a lot of opinions now, so when I heard this, my tone suddenly became unfriendly: “What’s the explosion news to tell me?”

Wang Youcai pretended to be deep, and said in a low tone. .

“Yumei, I’m afraid this news makes you unhappy, maybe you will be furious with anger. You have to be mentally prepared.”

“You speak, I haven’t seen any big winds and waves? It’s okay.” Shen Yumei frowned and said calmly.

In fact, she was already playing drums in her heart, and she didn’t know what kind of bad news Wang Yanli would bring her.

“Your trash son-in-law, Lin Fan’s soul has faded away.” Wang Youcai said loudly from the side.

“What?!” Shen Yumei on the other end of the phone exploded directly and asked loudly:

“What did you say, who cheated, you say it again.”
Wang Yanli repeated: “I mean Lin Fan’s dead trash, that guy cheated and betrayed your Bai Yi!”

“This is impossible! You are talking nonsense!”
Shen Yumei yelled angrily:

“My Lin Fan is so good, and I have never done anything to apologize to Bai Yi. Don’t be silly!”

Shen Yumei didn’t believe it at all. Lin Fan hadn’t derailed after so many years of fighting and complaining. How could he derailed when life is better?

It must be Wang Yanli and her family who want to spoil their family!

“Yumei, what I said is true! The three of us have seen it with our own eyes! He and the woman have hugged and kissed each other. If you don’t believe me, come here!”

At the other end, Shen Yumei suddenly sat on the ground feebly, her entire face completely ashamed.

“What’s wrong?”

Baishan asked in a puzzled way.

“Lin Fan, he cheated!”

Shen Yumei burst into tears after saying this.

It seems to see a beautiful family, about to be broken.


Bai Shan was also shocked immediately, and asked in disbelief:

“Who did you hear? You don’t know who Xiaofan is, he can’t do this. It’s coming.”

Shen Yumei suddenly coldly snorted:

“Wang Yanli, they have all seen, now step on there, let us hurry over to catch the rape, this can still Is there a fake?”

Baishan was speechless, not knowing what to say.

“Lin Fan! You are too human and I am disappointed!”

Shen Yumei scolded loudly, and said angrily: “We Bai Yi are sorry for him at any point, he actually kept it from me my daughter derailed!”

“That’s right, Yumei!” Wang Yanli saw Shen Yumei’s anger, and knew that Lin Fan was dead, and said with a sneer:

“What qualifications does that guy have? Go out to fool around, cheat, go to other women, isn’t he just a dog fostered in your Bai family!”

“What the hell Lin Fan, Even if you change your heart, you won’t have his turn! Only our Bai Yi will get rid of him, abandon him, and then find a handsome and handsome man. That’s right!”

See herself the news of the report successfully angered Shen Yumei. Wang Yanli smiled triumphantly and asked: “Yumei, what do you plan to do with Lin Fan’s dead waste?”

“You must never spare him lightly, if this is the case. Really, I…I will let Bai Yi divorce him and let him go out of the house!”

Shen Yumei said angrily, apparently already dizzy.

“Yes, yes, you should do this.” Wang Yanli said to the excitement, and sat up straight:

“What the hell, I dare to smear your Bai family’s face. To make Bai Yi suffer humiliation, he must be dealt with severely before he is driven out of Bai’s house!”

In the next instant, Shen Yumei asked anxiously: “I don’t understand, since you know Lin Fan The news of the cheating, then tell me, what is the name of the woman who fooled with Lin Fan and where does her family live.”

Frowned and asked, “What do you want to do?”
Shen Yumei said angrily: “That bastard fooled around with Lin Fan and made my daughter unable to raise her head. I can’t let her go. I must go to her house and make a big fuss!”

Shen Yumei was angry with Lin Fan, but hated the vixen who ruined her daughter’s family even more.

In her opinion, Lin Fan is a good boy, and she will never cheat by herself, so it must be the vixen who seduced Lin Fan, which led to this situation.

At the same time, Li Xunran dragged Lin Fan downstairs.

All the way down, Lin Fan was forced to walk staggeringly.
No matter what he said, Li Xunran never let go. As she walked in front, Lin Fan had to walk in an exaggerated bowed posture.

Naturally meeting people will attract strange eyes.

Lin Fan explained with a grin, “No way, who makes us look handsome and doesn’t want to follow along, this is not okay.”

Downstairs, Li Xunran dragged Before Lin Fan came to Da Ben, he let go.

Lin Fan was able to straighten up, rubbing his waist with his hands, and complaining.

“Miss, you, are you abusive? Ah, my old waist, ah, tired!”

Li Xunran tried her best to endure Laugh and say coldly.

“I’m here to ask you to go out for fun, to be harder, to make you obey a little, so that you will not encounter resistance, don’t you thank me?”

Lin Fan smiled bitterly: “Yes, but you are too domineering? How can I say, you are also a big man, you dragged away with this hand, it made me feel like a dog being led away. I also thank you, my mind what’s wrong?”

Li Xunran chuckled and said, “Okay, okay, I didn’t think about it, I’m sorry. Let’s go, get in the car, and I will take you. Go out and be chic.” Before

, Li Xunran didn’t know much about Lin Fan.

She only knows that Lin Fan has superb medical skills. Master and many seniors have high hopes for Lin Fan.

As a medical family, Li Xunran naturally has a lot of enthusiasm for the revitalization of Chinese medicine, otherwise he would not agree to the “bad ideas” of Master and many predecessors.

From the performance of Wang Youcai and others just seen, Li Xunran judged how lowly Lin Fan’s position in the Bai family was, which made her feel sympathy for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan asked, “Ms. Li, would you really take me to go shopping? If that is the case, I, I still don’t want to go. You know that my daughter-in-law is the president of Jiang’s enterprise. It’s not good to be known by her. La.”

Li Xunran widened her eyes and said broadly.

“What are you afraid of? I’m just being a friend, asking you to go out to relax. You can see that you are living a magical life in the Bai family. If you want to change to me, I have already suffered from depression and ran away. I jumped off the building.” Lin Fan was moved by what said. He didn’t expect this seemingly cold and arrogant Miss Ye to be quite kind in heart.

Lin Fan smiled and said: “its okay, I am strong against stress. Besides, don’t I still have my daughter-in-law? As long as my daughter-in-law treats me well, other people don’t care.”

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