Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1822

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Chapter 1822

Yu Sheng gritted his teeth and made up his mind: “As long as she is willing to go home, I will send Xiuhe away… Dismiss Yingying and Yanyan. From then on. Wandering to the End of the World.”

Wandering to the End of the World was Madam Yu’s wish when she was young. But after Yu Sheng cheated her, he never took her out for a trip.

Yu Chengqian teased: “How old are you still wandering around the world? If you die outside, where will I go to collect your corpses? Stay home for me, and I will support you.”

Yu Sheng looked at Yu Chengqian bitterly. “Are you the demon king sent by God to torture me?”

Yu Chengqian deliberately defended his mother, and said: “My mother has the heart to reconcile with you. That is because she has a simple mind. I can tell you that she is innocent and I am not stupid. If you are with my mother, after you get back together, if you do something that is sorry for my mother, I will carry you to the back mountain ditch and throw it away.”

Yu Sheng laughed happily.

Yu Chengqian’s mouth is poisonous, but facing the reunion of his parents, he is happy to see it. This shows that deep down in his heart, he is actually looking forward to this day for a long time.

After Jacob took the words, he retired.

“Uncle did it well. I’m leaving.”

Yu Chengqian suddenly stopped him and said, “Cousin, thank you Zheng Ling for me.”

Jacob turned around, staring at Yu Chengqian with unpredictable eyes. He gritted his teeth and corrected: “Called his cousin.”

Yu Chengqian said, “What do you call her.”

Zhan Hanjue turned back to Yu Chengqian and said: “Forgot to tell you, Zheng Ling and I are getting married.” Yu Chengqian has a handsome face. Shihua: “Your children are all that old, what are you still getting married?”

Jacob was very happy when he saw Yu Chengqian’s deeply shocked appearance.

“What gift are you going to give us?”

Yu Chengqian stunned: “Who would take the initiative to ask for gifts? Besides, you don’t need anything. Do you still care about what I give you?”

Jacob said, “I heard that there are many small drones in Yujiazhai. And can you command the drone to switch formations with ease?”

Yu Chengqian had a premonition of being routine: “What do you want to do?”

“During the Qixi Festival, I am going to propose to Zheng Ling. I borrow your drone for one use. . ” “

Dreaming. ” “

Loaned “?

War cold MG cleverness laughed, and said:.” I’m back to tell your mother, your father for Xiu He still hung”

. Yu Cheng Qian pale,” despicable”

War cold Jazz Said: “To deal with despicable people, you can only use despicable means.”

Yu Chengqian: “…” At this time, Yu Sheng interjected, “Juer, don’t worry, you have to borrow a drone. How much.”

Yu Chengqian turned his head and slapped his father: “You are stupid. Don’t you see his evil taste? He deliberately asked me to drive the drone to propose marriage to my beloved woman on behalf of him. Jacob, you are cruel.”

Jacob smiled lightly. “Yu Chengqian, I am also doing this for your own good. You should know that Zheng Ling has been very attached to me since childhood, and only I can give her a sense of security. As for other people, she can’t even look at it. Why do you have to be affectionate?”

Yu Chengqian rolled his eyes at him. “When did Lord Zhan become so narcissistic?”

Jacob said: “I warn you, after Sister Zhengyu took over the Yan family enterprise, her thinking latitude became wider and wider, and she would not wait for you in place. You. Don’t wait until she is married and your son calls someone else’s father before you come to regret it.”

After speaking, Jacob left.

Yu Chengqian’s face was sad.

The words of Jacob rippled in his calm heart.

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