Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1841

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Chapter 1841

Lin Fan asked with a sneer.

“So what, what nonsense! Either give money or ruin, you choose!”

Wang Zhijun yelled impatiently:
“Lin Fan, don’t blame me for not warning you. If you divorced Bai Yi, then you would be a bullshit!”

“Just like you are a waste, I think you can even eat and drink. Question!”

At this time, Wang Yanli also jumped out and pointed to Lin Fan’s nose and cursed:

“Also, stay away from our home Xu Yourong, not allowed in the future. Goodbye her, or I won’t let you go!”

“Mom, what are you talking about? There is nothing wrong with Lin Fan and I!”
Xu Yourong said angrily, what is this to do.

“That’s not okay! I just don’t allow you to interact with this cheap species!”

Wang Yanli roared angrily, looking like a shrew:

“If so let me find out that if you have any contact with Xu Yourong, I will expose those photos.”

“Lin Fan, if you want to die, just give it a try!”

Hearing this, Lin Fan burst into laughter suddenly, as if he had heard a big joke.

Do mobs think they can order him just by relying on a few photos?

Really naive!

“Are you still laughing? Do you think I’m joking?”

Wang Yanli was so angry that this trash dared to make fun of her?

Really think she Wang Yanli is a vegetarian?


Lin Fan sneered and nodded:

“Okay, I will give you five hundred million!”


Just listen to this!

Wang Yanli, Wang Zhijun and others were completely stunned!

There is a thick and unbelievable in those eyes!

Lin Fan promised to pay?

Are they dreaming?

That’s five hundred million!
He didn’t even make a counter-offer, so he promised to pay?

This… refreshingly a bit outrageous, right?

This time!

The first thought in the hearts of Wang Zhijun and others was not gratitude, but regret!

They offered too low a price!

So Lin Fan didn’t even think about it, so he directly agreed to their request!

It should cost one billion!

“Lin Fan, are you crazy? They are clearly blackmailing you, how can you give them money?”

Xu Yourong yelled angrily, a pair of people who hate iron for not making steel appearance.

Based on her understanding of Wang Zhijun and others, even if Lin Fan gave them money, they would continue to blackmail Lin Fan.

They are vampires!

Unfilled loopholes!

“Bitch, when is it your turn to talk? Shut up!”

Wang Yanli reprimanded in an angry tone, seeing that the money will be available soon. At this time how could Xu Yourong make trouble?

Wang Yanli was almost mad, she really didn’t want to stay in the female college.

As her daughter, Xu Yourong actually helped an outsider speak?

But Lin Fan waved his hand and said with a sneer:

“I don’t want to be extravagant, the most important thing is that I don’t want Bai Yi to be sad! So I am willing to give these five hundred million dollars. Keep things quiet!”

Hear the words!

Xu Yourong felt jealous for no reason!
Just in order not to make his wife sad, Lin Fan is willing to spend five hundred million to settle things down?

In this world, how many men can do like him?

Bai Yi, what a fate!

“Okay, OK, then give the money!”

Wang Zhijun’s eyes lighted up, and he stared at Lin Fan, looking impatient.

Five hundred million, so easy to get it?

This is faster than robbing the bank!

Lin Fan sneered, took out a check directly, and then eloquently signed his name on it.

Wang Zhijun was about to grab it quickly, but Lin Fan warned:

“I am giving you this money not because I am afraid of you, but because I don’t want to be troublesome. I hope it will be the same for the last time!”

“Otherwise, I can guarantee that the consequences will be beyond your reach!”

Wang Zhijun hastened like a chicken pecking at rice. Nodding:

“Yes, yes, I promise the last time!”

“I’ll talk about it when I get the money!”

As for what Lin Fan said, he didn’t even listen!!

Lin Fan handed the check to Wang Zhijun!

Wang Zhijun glanced at the check in his hand, but stared at Lin Fan suspiciously:

“This check, should it be true?”

He felt a little unconfident in his heart when he saw what Lin Fan gave so simply.
Will this guy fool him with a fake check?

He heard that he took fake checks, but he was going to jail!


Lin Fan, who heard this, smiled directly and said:

“If you think it is fake, you can return it to me!”

Hear the words!

Wang Zhijun immediately took the cheque into his arms, and then coldly hummed:

“Forgive you for not lie to me!”

And then, Wang Zhijun and others left happily.

After they left, Xu Yourong walked over angrily and accused Lin Fan:

“Are you stupid? Just Wang Zhijun’s virtue, even if you give Him is one hundred billion, one trillion, he will never be content!”

“Your five hundred million is equivalent to a meat bun and a dog, no return!”

Xu Yourong really couldn’t figure out how Lin Fan could be so stupid that he actually gave the money to Wang Zhijun!

Isn’t this giving away money for nothing?

“I know!”

But Lin Fan smiled.

“Do you know?”

Xu Yourong is even more puzzled, knowing that he will send money to Wang Zhijun?

“I have given them the opportunity. If they still don’t know how to grasp it, they will have nothing to complain about if they die in my hands?”


Xu Yourong felt her scalp numb, and instantly understood Lin Fan’s plan.

These five hundred million are Lin Fan’s last patience, if Wang Zhijun and the others will blackmail Lin Fan life and death.

Then facing them, its dead time!

With Lin Fan’s strength as a great master, killing Wang Zhijun and these ants is simply easy and effortless.

Xu Yourong panicked!

Her face is as pale as paper!

Because she knows very well what Wang Zhijun and others will face next!

They will come to blackmail Lin Fan, and Lin Fan will definitely kill them!

At the moment, Xu Yourong begged Lin Fan:

“Lin Fan, I beg you! If there is such a day, they will still not repent! Can you please? You…”

Lin Fan waved and interrupted what Xu Yourong wanted to say:

“The only thing I can assure you is to let your mother go. As for Wang Zhijun and Wang Youcai , Don’t bother you!”

Lin Fan’s words are full of cold murderous intent!

Obviously, Wang Zhijun’s family has repeatedly found faults, and he has completely lost patience!

If they are willing to stop after taking the five hundred million, Lin Fan is unwilling to see them in general, but if they still do not know how to live or die.

Then Lin Fan is not a vegetarian!

Limited patience!

Hearing this, a wry smile appeared on Xu Yourong’s face, and she did not continue to speak.

Because she knew that even if she went on, the result would be the same.

“Also, let’s not meet again in the future, you have heard what your mother said!”

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