Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1842

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Chapter 1842

After saying this, Lin Fan left here without looking back!

At this time, Xu Yourong was completely frozen in place!

What does Lin Fan mean?

Planning to completely break with yourself?

Will not be with each other in the future?

Hearing Lin Fan’s unfeeling words, Xu Yourong suddenly felt heartbroken. At this time, she hated Wang Yanli.

Because of her, Lin Fan hates her, right?

It’s no wonder, who made her stand on such a mom?

Getting involved with her is equivalent to having a relationship with her mother. Who can bear such a mad woman?

Xu Yourong can fully understand Lin Fan’s mood!


Xu Yourong slumped on the ground, her face completely pale, full of despair and bitterness.

At this time, she was completely desperate!

To her home, to her mother!

And now!

Wang Yanli, Wang Zhijun and others have successfully cashed 500 million in Global Bank. Looking at the series of numbers in their mobile phones, they only feel that happiness has come too suddenly!
“You idiot, how come you only need five hundred million, that kid promised so simply, he must have more than five hundred million!”

Wang Youcai scolded angrily, at least he had to ask Lin Fan for ten. A hundred million will do!

In that case, each of the three of them can get more than 300 million!

“That’s something that doesn’t open up your mind! Who made your mouth so quick, which made us lose much money for nothing?”

Wang Yanli also complained on the side.

These three people are typically not greedy enough to snake the elephant, and now they have earned 500 million. They are not even grateful, let alone give it up!

“How do I know he is so rich?”

Wang Zhijun also said innocently, and then the conversation turned around and he smirked:

“You panic what, the water will flow in the future, there will be opportunities!”


Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli were both stunned. They didn’t expect Wang Zhijun to be so black-hearted!

“Are you going to blackmail him again?”

Wang Yanli asked in astonishment.

Wang Zhijun smirked, his face full of greed:

“Of course, this is a fat cow, can I let him go so easily?”
“His secret, I will eat him for the rest of my life!”

Wang Zhijun’s meaning is obvious, and that is to completely squeeze Lin Fan out!

If Lin Fan doesn’t want to get a divorce, he can only keep giving him money until he is satisfied!

“You guys are bad enough! You want that waste to live in peace!”

Wang Yanli laughed loudly, with greed in her heart, if the energy is constantly pitted from that waste. The money is not bad!

“Hahaha, that’s it! When we squander the money, then we will go to pit that kid again!”

Wang Youcai also laughed, so ss soon as they come, they have endless money, and the money in their hands can be squandered at will without worrying about running out.

Because after running out, Lin Fan, the God of Wealth, will still give them money to spend!


They didn’t know, they underestimated Lin Fan, but overestimated themselves.

Because of their greed, they lead themselves to the abyss of despair step by step!

The time of death is approaching!

But not long after Lin Fan left the hotel, he received an unexpected call.

“Aunt Rowling, what’s the matter?”

“Xiaofan, just now the Lin family asked the Global Bank for a loan of 500 billion. It seems that they are really poor and there is no way. !”


Lin Fan suddenly raised a strange arc, and asked:

“Then you have loaned them?”


Hearing this, Rowling’s hearty laughter came from the other end:

“Of course, and it is an unlimited liability loan, which means we can ask them to repay the principal whenever we want!”

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