Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1821

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Chapter 1821

Zhan Han Jueluo said helplessly, “Yes, wife.”

Zheng Ling smiled crisply.

Zheng Ling said to Mrs. Yu and Zheng Yu again: “We haven’t been together for a long time. You stay here today, and we will talk.”

Zheng Yu is now in charge of the Yan family enterprise, which can be described as every day. Wan refused: “Sister, the company still has urgent matters to deal with. I must go back to Yancheng.”

Zhengling felt distressed that the eldest sister wanted to bring her baby and start a business, and said: “Then Chenchen stay with me.”

Zheng Yu said. “You girl, taking Chenchen is very hard.”

Zhengling said: “The Company with strict management is also very tired.”

Zheng Yu only agreed with difficulty.


Jacob came to Xiangdingyuan, and Yu Chengqian received him.

“What are you doing? Cassandra has disappeared, no one welcomes you here.” Yu Chengqian is still unruly, heartless.

If it is usual, Yu Chengqian is disrespectful to Jacob, and Jacob, the strongest king, will only criticize him mercilessly. But today, Jacob’s complexion is gentle, and he rarely shows tolerance and generosity.

Jacob walked in, as if entering his own door, sitting lazily on the sofa. Lifting Erlang’s legs, he urged Yu Chengqianyi: “No tea for the guests?”

Yu Chengqian said speechlessly: “Which of us is the guest. You don’t know?”

Hanjue looked at him speechlessly, “I still know me.” Is the owner of Xiangdingyuan? Then I need to be welcomed by you when I go home?”

This logic is very strict and complete.

Yu Chengqian raised his thumb to praise Jacob.

“What are you doing here?”

“Call out your dad, I have something to tell him.” Jacob said.

Yu Cheng Qian motionless, but he raised his chin, screeching voice shouted: “Yu Sheng, someone looking for you.”

Yu Sheng come out angrily: “Brats, I called Abba no big or small..”

Seen on the sofa boast For the extraordinary and extraordinary Jacob, Yu Sheng was stunned: “Juer, why are you here?”

Jacob cut directly to the subject, “Where is Xiuhe?”

Yu Sheng thought he had come to Xiuhe again to settle the account. There was a hint of hesitation.

Jacob said: “Why, I am afraid that I will embarrass her? It seems that my uncle is still very affectionate to her.”

Yu Chengqian sneered: “He is a fraternity person, he sees a lover. He has feelings for everyone.”

Yu Sheng stared at Yu Chengqian fiercely, “If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb.”

Then he smiled and said to Hanjue: “Jue’er, she is my concubine after all, and I have been with her for so many years. Emotional. She did something wrong, you can punish her, uncle just wants you to spare her life.”

Jacob’s slender jade fingers curled up, losing his blood because of his hard fingers becoming pale.

“She and Zhuma hurt my Zhengling. If it weren’t for the happy event between Zhengling and I, I don’t want to kill them at this time. Uncle, do you think you can protect them?”

Yu Sheng: “…”

Jacob’s fist slowly loosened, “I’m not here to take their lives today. Instead, I ask you a word on the order of my wife. Are you willing to dismiss Yingying and Yanyan next to you, from now on only with Yu Madam spend the rest of her life together?”

Yu Sheng was stunned…

“Is that what your Aunt Qing meant?”

Jacob raised his eyes and stared at him, an icy edge filled with eagle pupils. “But in my opinion, my uncle’s love for Xiuhe is still not there. Let’s forget about this matter!”

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