Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1831

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Chapter 1831

Zheng Ling smiled and said: “Brother Jie is not the kind of person you said.”

Yan Zheng said: “Why not? Look at you, there is nothing decent all over you. Jewelry. Going out, who believes that you are the prince’s woman?”

Jacob looked at the pure Zheng Ling… Fell into self-reflection.

He has always felt that a woman’s cultivation is in his heart, so he neglected to modify the appearance of Zheng Ling. So that Zheng Ling was influenced by him and lived a frugal life.

In the past when she was in Yujiazhai, Yu Sheng’s Yingying and Yanyan despised her because Zhengling was wearing ordinary clothes.

“Zhengling, I will accompany you to buy jewelry later.” Jacob said.

Yan Zheng nodded in satisfaction, “The capitalist finally gave up some blood.”

Zheng Ling stared at Yan Zheng. “It’s just you.”

Then she turned upstairs and took out his bank card.

Yan Zheng began to whisper again, “Zhengling, do you use your own card? Why are you so stupid? At this time, you should let your man bleed?”

Zhengling smiled and said, “This card is Brother Jie. Yeah. It’s been kept here all the time.”

Yan Zheng was dumbfounded.

Then he looked at Jue Zhan Han with shame, and asked somewhat unwillingly: “How much is the card?”

“All my wealth.” Zhan Han Jue said.

Yan Zheng was dumbfounded again.

Then secretly asked Zheng Ling, “When did the war master give you your card?”

Zheng Ling said: “I gave it to me before the disfigurement. I just used Brother Jue’s money to make a plastic surgery!”

Yan Zheng nodded and said in a sincere heart: “Okay. Well, it’s me who saved the abdomen of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.

Not long after, two couples, Jacob and Zhengling, Yan Zheng and Fengxian, appeared in the imperial capital’s largest jewelry store.

Fengxian likes everything when looking at jewelry. “Sister Zhengling, this set is good. This set is also good.”

Yan Zheng chooses jewelry only by the price on the label, regardless of the most expensive choice. “Waiter, take out the best and most expensive one here. My sister is not short of money.”

Jacob looked at the dazzling array of jewels, but always felt that they were not worthy of such a natural beauty as Zheng Ling.

Fortunately, Jacob respected Zhengling very much, and would ask her for her opinion, “Is there anyone you like?”

Zheng Ling shook her head and said, “No feeling.”

Jacob couldn’t help laughing. Zheng Ling was assimilated by him, with a light personality and dislike material wealth.

“Choose a few sets of jewelry you like, and use them when you get married.” Jacob said. “Others, pack them home and wear them normally.”

Zheng Ling remembered the two sets of jade jewelry that Cassandra had given her, thinking that they would be most suitable for her marriage. He said: “Brother Jie, I have prepared the jewelry for the wedding.”

Jacob was surprised, “When did you prepare it?”

Zheng Ling said, “The ancestral jewelry my mother gave to me. I use it when I want to get married.

Yes.” Yan Zheng cried, “Is there any ancestral jewelry in our family?”

Zheng Ling was afraid that Yan Zheng would miss her lips, and quickly explained: “Mom said, only pass on females but not males.”

Yan Zheng lowered his chest. “Ah, why am I not a daughter? I have lost a lot of money.”

Zheng Ling: “…”

Jacob said: “On the day of your wedding, I hope you wear a diamond necklace.”

Compared with fragile jade jewelry Zheng Ling also likes eternal diamonds. Nodded immediately. “Okay.”

But Zheng Ling, who is not cold about jewelry, couldn’t decide which one to buy after choosing for a long time.

Jacob looked at the jewelry store, “Then buy them all.”

Zheng Ling was dumbfounded.

This style of behavior is in line with Jacob’s character.

Every time Jacob had a choice entanglement, he had a bad problem and bought everything.

But this is a jewellery shop, and it is expensive to buy all of them.

Jacob stretched out his hand to Zhengling, “Give me the card.”

Zhengling held the card tightly, “You bought the jewelry store?”

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