Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1859

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Chapter 1859

Then, Wang Yanli followed Wang Zhijun In his footsteps, she hurriedly left.

Xu Yourong was so anxious that she hurriedly took a taxi to follow them.


After arriving at the scene, Lin Fan had been waiting for a long time.

Seeing Lin Fan coming so fast, Wang Zhijun suddenly sneered:

“Come so fast, you guys shouldn’t have been scared. Huh? Hahaha!”

He saw Lin Fan come so fast, he thought Lin Fan was scared.

Just don’t know why!

Wang Yanli looked at Lin Fan at this time, but felt something was wrong.

Especially the smile on his face is extremely penetrating!

The whole person gives a gloomy feeling.

Just a glance, she felt a little uneasy!

At this time, Lin Fan stared at Wang Zhijun straightforwardly:

“It seems that you all take my words as deaf ears, do I seem to be so bullied? “

“Not bad!”

Wang Zhijun snorted, and said extremely arrogantly:

“You are a bully, you are a waste! I let If you give the money, you have to give it!”

“Are you satisfied with this answer?”

Lin Fan sighed and shook his head helplessly:
“It’s hard to persuade the damn ghost! You forced me to have no choice!”


Wang Zhijun’s face is getting more and more ugly, and he said impatiently:

“Have you finished talking nonsense? Give me money quickly, I have an appointment tonight, and I don’t have time to take care of it. You are a trash!”

“Money can’t give you anymore, but I can invite you to eat.”

Lin Fan’s conversation turned sharply, and the whole face suddenly became dark and distorted. .

Can’t give money?

Still inviting them to eat?

Is this kid’s brain sick?

Do you think it will be settled by asking them something to eat?

Wang Zhijun immediately broke his mouth and became numb, and roared:
“Dog stuff, do you think I’m joking with you? Do you believe it or not I will go to your house to chat with your wife?”


He still doesn’t believe it!

Can you make a trip for nothing today?

If he can’t get any money, he will never stop!

And seeing Lin Fan’s weird appearance, listening to Xu Yourong’s advice, Wang Yanli’s inner words became more anxious.

Lin Fan, shouldn’t you really jump over the wall to kill someone?

He can give out hundreds of millions of dollars then it is not impossible to spend some money to buy murderers!

And now!

Lin Fan also said astonishingly:

“Sorry, I didn’t plan to let you leave today! To be precise, I didn’t plan to let you leave alive!”

Wang Zhijun and the others suddenly changed their expressions. Is this guy serious?

And then!

Wang Zhijun roared out of unbelief:

“You can give it a try, Lin Fan, don’t blame me for not reminding you, we have put those photos in a specific mailbox a long time ago Inside, if there is no control by us, the email will immediately send those photos to your wife!”

Wang Zhijun thought that Lin Fan would be scared!

But he was disappointed!

He saw Lin Fan grinning, saying:

“Your email username is “Wang Zhijun is the most handsome” right? Why are you so narcissistic? Take such a username?”


Wang Zhijun is about to explode directly!

He looked at Lin Fan with a ghostly look.

How does this guy know the username of his mailbox?

What the hell is going on here?

At this time, Wang Yanli also noticed something was wrong, and grabbed Wang Zhijun’s hand:

“Zhijun, shouldn’t what he said is true?”
Wang Zhijun was already speechless, and his whole body was trembling constantly.

But Lin Fan looked like a cat catching a mouse, staring at him with a playful look:

“Your mailbox has been hacked, and those photos have been deleted!”

“In other words, Wang Zhijun, you are done!”


Wang Zhijun and the other three suddenly became weak in their legs!

At this time they all realized that Lin Fan was here for real!

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