Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 184

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Chapter 184

Grace clutched her heart. The children are the dear ones of their parents, and they will feel heartache if they are beaten. Derek, the bastard, told him how many times he is not allowed to bully, but he violated the rules?

When the class teacher finished speaking, he did not criticize Grace, but said to Grace extremely seriously, “Miss Luo, I hope you can face your child’s problems squarely and work with us to improve your child’s shortcomings.”

“I will.” Grace said.

The head teacher left with a smile, Grace looked at the two children who were burying their little heads on the ground, and Faith looked worried.

“Look up!” Grace stretched out her hand, lifting a chin with one hand.

At Jason and Derek, she squeezed a spring-like smile, “Let’s go home first.”

Jason looked at the gentle mommy. Didn’t Derek say that mommy was cruel when she lost her temper?

Grace pulled Faith and turned away.

Derek and Jason obediently followed her.

On the way, Jason glanced at Derek several times, and muttered, “Didn’t you say that we made a mistake and Mommy would beat us? Why doesn’t Mommy look angry at all?”

Derek put his little hand on his mouth and whispered softly, “Before the execution, the executioner will give the death row a soothing smile.”

Jason shivered, his face turned gloomy.

Derek pulled Jason’s hand, “How will Daddy punish you if you make a mistake?”

“Thinking about it.” Jason said.

Derek breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good. As long as it’s not doubles, we should have half of our a$s survived to sit on the bench.”

Jason’s face became more gloomy as he clutched his little a$s.

After Grace took the child home, she let the innocent Faith go to the house to do her homework.

“Mommy, my homework is finished. Can you stay below and play with toys?” Faith took Grace’s hand and acted like a baby.

She wants to stay to support the two elder brothers. Jason told her in advance that if Mommy missed and beat them to death, Faith would do their internal response and immediately call Daddy for help.

Grace was still gentle with Faith, who had made no mistakes, “Faith, go upstairs and stay with the door closed. Don’t come out no matter what happens outside.”

Jason raised his eyebrows and moved closer to Derek.

Faith had to go upstairs.

Grace hooked her finger at Derek again, “Come here.”

As soon as Derek walked over, Grace’s pliers grabbed Derek’s butt, and Grace snarled hysterically, “Mommy sent you to learn Taekwondo to keep you fit, not to let you You are bullying. You beat five at a time. You are very capable. You beat them with a bruised nose and swollen face. Have you ever thought that their parents would feel distressed?”

“Mummy, I was wrong, I was wrong. I won’t dare to fight anymore.” Derek clutched his butt and ran around.

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