Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 185

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Chapter 185

“Mummy, there is a difference between men and women, please don’t spank my little butt. If it spreads out, others will laugh at me.” Derek rushed to the opposite of the long dining table and tried to avoid Mommy while running in a circle. Persuade people.

Grace ran for a few laps and was exhausted, her hands on his hips stomped and sighed, “Smelly boy, are you growing up? Know that men and women are different, right? Okay, I’ll give you face, I won’t grab your a$s …I don’t believe that I can’t deal with you if I don’t touch you, I have to find a family method to treat you well…”

Grace was looking for sticks and the like in the house. Derek was originally a ghost and elf, crying loudly to win Mommy’s sympathy.

Jason looked at Derek, who was crying horribly, and his little heart was beating. At this time, Faith secretly opened the door and squatted under the escalator in the second floor corridor to observe the situation downstairs.

Jason made a help gesture towards Tongban, and Faith immediately got into the house and called Jacob.

Jacob was depressed to the extreme. After the phone’s ringing rang, he didn’t even bother to read the phone number, so he slid away from the phone…

“Uncle, go back soon…” Faith’s anxious voice immediately sounded.

Jacob turned off the phone listlessly, and stood up shaking. His world is barren, where there is no time to take care of Tongbao’s affairs.

Faith stared at the hung-up cell phone blankly, tears streaming down her eyes.

“Daddy, it’s not that I’m looking for you, it’s your son who is looking for you…” Faith was very sad.

Her young heart was hit hard, and Daddy was prejudiced against her. When her brothers called him, he would be very patient to listen to their opinions.

But Daddy didn’t even answer her phone. When Faith was angry, she threw the phone on the wall.

Downstairs, the smoke-filled war finally stopped because of Grace’s exhaustion.

Grace sat on the ground exhausted, staring at Derek angrily, and sighed angrily, “You are now… able to bear it. Mommy can’t run…you, If you can’t be hit, will you not put Mommy in your eyes in the future, and you will be even more lawless in the future?”

Seeing that Mommy’s anger was mostly gone, Derek plucked up the courage to walk in front of Mommy, knelt beside Mommy and piously admitted his mistake, “Mommy, I’m sorry, I won’t beat people anymore.”

Jason also buried his head and walked over to follow the example of Derek, obediently kneeling in front of Mommy.

“Derek, tell Mommy, why do you want to hit someone?” Grace asked.

She knows her son better. Although Derek is naughty and naughty, he is a very kind and caring baby. If he hits someone, the wrong party should be the other party.

However, Grace prohibited Derek from using force because of safety considerations. As he grows older, his martial arts become more and more exquisite, and it is inevitable to miss in the fight. What if it causes an irreversible situation?

Derek violated the prohibition, and this was the reason Grace was angry.

“Mummy that kid forced Faith to be their girlfriend.” Derek explained in tears.

Grace swallowed her mouth…

She once thought that she fell in love with Jacob at the age of ten as an expression of premature maturity.

“Because of this beating?” Grace stared openly.

Derek whispered, “Because of this quarrel. Then I was so angry that I hit someone.”

“Tell Mommy, how did this quarrel arise?”

Derek hesitated and said, “How can I say that my cabbage can be eaten by pigs? The boys said that I called them pigs and rushed to beat me…”

Grace: “…”

Are children so precocious now?

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