Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 186

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Chapter 186

“That cabbage was picked up by a pig, who taught you this?”


Grace: “…” It seems necessary to talk to Janice.

His gaze moved suspiciously to the uneasy Jason, “Jas, what about you? Why did you say such uncivilized things to the teacher about the mentally retarded?”

Jason bit his lip, but he was silent.

Grace treats the two sons differently. Since Derek has practiced martial arts, he is really like a bear. She beat him a few times as if it were tickling.

Jas was carefully served by the warrior when he grew up, and he had mild autism. Grace’s attitude towards him was exceptionally gentle.

“Jas, Mommy won’t beat you or scold you, but Mommy wants to know why you say such rude words? Only if you tell Mommy truthfully can Mommy help Jas correct his bad habits. , Making Jas become better and better and more likable.”

Under Grace’s step-by-step enticement, Jason finally spoke, “The teacher asked me, among the three little pigs, the boss is lazy, the old (second) is smart, only the third is hardworking and pragmatic. Ask me which pig I want to be. I said that only the mentally retarded answer this question, because I don’t want to be a pig.”

Grace was dumbfounded.

Although this question is a bit weird, the teacher’s question is not full of malice, she just wants to test the children’s perception of quality. It happened that her son had a clear brain, and his way of thinking was really smart.

“Hey.” Grace sighed, “Jas, go and recite the story of the three little pigs. Then come and tell Mommy, which little pig do you like and why?”

Jason stood up.

Looking at the unharmed Jason, Derek cried out in disbelief, “Mommy, this is not fair. Why do you have to grab my a$s when I make a mistake? Can you forgive him me if I make a mistake?”

Er, Grace hesitated and said wittyly, “Because your mistake was to beat a classmate, and Jas’s mistake was to swear. One is in hand, the other is in the mouth, and Mommy will treat him in a human way If you hit someone, I’ll beat you, and I’ll scold the teacher, and I’ll make Jas’s little mouth move.”

Derek whimpered, “I knew this way I wouldn’t hit them.” Angrily said in my heart, I should use my mouth to scold those stinky boys to vomit blood for three liters.

After dinner, Jacob has not yet returned.

Grace put Jason and Derek to sleep before returning to his room.

Standing quietly under the screen window, looking at the darkening night sky, I felt a little anxious in my heart.

Why didn’t Jacob come back?

He had a stomach ailment last night, I don’t know what happened today?


What right does she have to care about him?

He doesn’t need her care.

“Hey!” Faith sighed from the bed.

Grace turned her head in shock, and saw Faith getting up and sitting, looking at Mommy pitifully.

Grace walked over, and Faith put her arms around Mommy’s neck and asked sadly, “Mommy, I have worked hard to please Daddy, why does he still dislike me?”

Grace was dazed.

“He doesn’t answer my call.” Faith said sadly.

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