Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 187

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Chapter 187

Grace heard Faith’s sad accusation against Jacob, her heart became obscure and uneasy.

Since Faith stayed in Haitian Yise, because Jacob has always treated her as an outsider, Gao coldly and indifferently his attitude towards Faith is very alienated. This makes Faith feel like she is under the fence.

Faith has become less and less talkative recently and laughed less and less frequently. This is not a good sign. Grace worried that if Faith lived in such a depressive environment for a long time, she would become autistic and silent like Jas.

Grace didn’t know how to comfort Faith, because she could not control Jacob’s attitude towards Faith. She can only rack her brains to think of a solution to the problem.

In the early hours of the morning, Jacob came back without going upstairs, sitting on the sofa and smoking (smoking) a cigarette.

Grace stayed up all night. When she went downstairs to drink water, she suddenly saw Jacob sitting on the sofa and almost fell to the ground in fright.


Grace looked at him in shock, and could barely see his handsome face through the sparks on the cigarette, but his expression was really depressed and decadent.

He also exudes a strong aroma of wine.

“Did you drink?” Grace asked tremblingly.

On Jacob’s decadent expression, Ying Tong was shining brightly, his sharp eyes shot into Grace’s face, and into her worried eyes.

“Why don’t you sleep?” He suddenly said, his voice was hoarse, with a trace of severe torture.

Did you wait for him all night?

Grace pointed to the kitchen, “I was a little thirsty, so I came down to find water.”

“There is a drinking fountain upstairs!” Knowing that she was lying, she still wanted to expose her lie.

Grace said, “Oh, I forgot.”

“Are you worried about me?” Jacob asked, staring at her Amber pupil.

Grace’s eyes filled with helplessness, she dare to admit it? If you tear off all the fake clothes and expose all the true emotions to him, I am afraid he will only be mercilessly ridiculed and ridiculed, just like seven years ago.

She showed how much she loved him. He would use ten times his strength to trample on her dignity.

He didn’t need her worry at all.

Grace pretended to be dismissive, and said in a relaxed tone, “War master, we are divorced couples, we resent our spouse, do you know? There is no love, only resentment. I have nothing to worry about when I eat too much. I’m overwhelmed by a few bear kids, so how can there be people who are irrelevant in leisure and fun?”

What she said was light and windy, but she was crying blood in her heart. She and him, obviously had the best start, why did they get to where they are today?

Suddenly Jacob stood up from the sofa. His long and stalwart body swayed in front of Grace. His hands clasped Grace’s arms tightly, and his eagle pupils locked Grace directly. Han’s eyes.

“Grace, don’t pretend to be ruthless to me. If I don’t believe you, you really didn’t think of me at all. Otherwise, why would you dig your heart out to marry me seven years ago? Why did you use it so shamelessly? What means to have a baby with me?”

Grace was speechless when he asked. I can only make a fool of myself, “I just fancy your money, fancy your warrior background…”

“Really, when you divorced, who said you didn’t marry me for money, but just because you love me?” Jacob was aggressive.

Grace couldn’t help it, “You have said it yourself, people who have never met will get married as soon as they meet, how can there be love?”

“Have you a crush on me before?”

There was a panic on Grace’s face, and she did not dare to look directly into his eyes.

Jacob stretched out his hand and lifted her chin firmly. Forcing her to look straight at herself.

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