Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 158

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Chapter 158

Afterward, they heard that Mike said carefully and respectfully:

“Mr. Shaun, in order to express our gratitude to your wife, Miss Elvira, we have decided to build a hospital in Jiang City!”

“We will fund for the construction, and we will also responsible for the operation and management, but the owner of the hospital will be you and your wife!”


Mike’s words, like a blockbuster bomb, made everyone’s head buzz.

Invest in a hospital?

Manage it by themself!

Especially in the end, the actual ownership of this hospital will be given to Shaun and Elvira.

This is like a pie, falling from the sky.

And everyone knows that although Western medicine Mike has an arrogant personality, his skills in Western medicine are extraordinary, which can be seen from his victory over twelve famous Chinese medicine experts.

And this kind of person is responsible for the operation and management of the hospital, so the hospital will definitely flourish, like a treasure house.


At this moment, both Li Mingyi and others, or Haibai and others, looked at Mike as if they were looking at a madman.

Even the Elvira family swallowed their saliva one by one, completely frightened.


Mike didn’t care about everyone’s shock at all, he saw Shaun nodded and seemed to be extremely satisfied, and he was immediately ecstatic:

“Mr. Lin, then we won’t bother, and now we will prepare for the construction of the hospital!”

After speaking, Mike and the others bowed again to Shaun, and then left.

When Mike and others left, Haibai, Li Mingyi and others who stayed here are still feeling it like a dream.

What is going on?

Master Dao in Beicheng, gave Shaun money to vent his anger!

Western medicine madman Mike and others promised to build a hospital!


Haibai and others only feel that this world is crazy.

But at the moment!

Haibai didn’t have time to think about this. He looked at the old man and asked hurriedly:

“Elder Gao, we fulfilled the wishes of Master Lin. Could you please talk to Master Lin and ask him to help Mr.Bai!

Panic gleamed on Haibai’s face.

After all, he has already signed a letter of undertaking to give up the right to inheritance. If Mr. Bai dies, then their family will have nothing.

And now, their only life-saving straw is Mr. Bai.

As long as Mr. Bai is alive, they have a hope.

Hearing this!

The elder Gao glanced at Shaun secretly.

After discovering that Shaun nodded, Elder Gao breathed a long sigh of relief, and then said:

“On the phone just now, Doctor Lin has already said that as long as you both had done what he said, he will heal Mr. Bai!”

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